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Thursday, September 21, 2017

10 Bicycle Music Videos Part III

The Music Videos With Bicycles playlist is thirty plus videos deep and all gems. I linked to the playlist on Reddit once and people tried to give me all these shitty recommendations for more bike videos but I resisted. These playlists are for me to enjoy and I don't fux with shitty music.

1. Calvin Harris feat. Jessie Reyez - "Hard To Love" 2017  Stoked for Jessie that she made it around those gatekeepers; she's broken into big money collaborations and is still making great music. I've had this on repeat since I first heard it.

2. Deem Spencer - "Tussilago" 2016  This bicycle video was my intro to Deem Spencer. Seems like a simple video concept but the video shoot could have presented some safety challenges if the multi-tasking bicyclist wasn't so talented.

My second Deem Spencer song was "there was plenty time before us," needless to say, I'll be paying more attention from now on. I love strings in Hip Hop.

3. Steve Lacy - "Some" 2016  Steve Lacy, of The Internet hit factory, warns us about the dangers of chickening out when you've reached that Say Anything moment with the visuals for "Some." Say what you've got to say while you still can!

He released this six days ago but I prefer the joint above.

4. Porter Ray - "Past Life" 2017  SEATTLE MUSIC  Porter Ray's last release, Watercolor, was reviewed in Pitchfork; an accomplishment in itself. My favorite thing about Porter remains to be his positive attitude and infectious smile. Love this dude.

Porter Ray released the following collaboration with Stas THEE Boss a few months back.

5. Sa-Roc - "True Mastery" 2014 RHYMESAYERS  I couldn't be more excited to see 20+ more Sa-Roc shows in just a few weeks... life is good. Her latest video, "The Reckoning" appeared on The New Hotness Vol. 9 earlier this month.

Here's another great Sa-Roc jam from her Soundcloud so you can dive into the Queen's work.

6. Cosmo Pyke - "Chronic Sunshine" 2017  This eighteen year old superhero hails from South London, like his fellow crooner King Krule. There is something good in the water there, I drank it and then took a bunch of beautiful photos, shit works. This article by the Guardian is a good intro to all things Cosmo Pyke.

7. FKJ - "Skyline" 2017  Getting up this early/staying up this late to get this light for the video shoot was totally worth it.

8. Humble The Poet - "H.A.I.R." 2017  Humble The Poet is an artist/vlogger/internet entrepreneur type who has all the ladies lipsync the lyrics in this video; always works.

If you wanna hear more, his latest project, Righteous Ratchet, is free to stream on Soundcloud.

9.  Reverie - "Scheming" 2016  Thanks to Google, I just found a great interview with Reverie on a new-to-me French Hip Hop site focused on women artists called MadameRap... enjoy.

Madame Rap puts out mixtapes on Soundcloud...

10. Fatima - "Biggest Joke Of All" 2014  I delivered pizza in Lake Tahoe in the late 90s and it loved every minute of it; I was on Team Subaru so I slayed deliveries all year. Anyway, I fell for her "La Neta" video back in 2014 and have been watching out for her since. We have a special bond now cuz of the whole pizza delivery thing... not really.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

@TheRingOfDOOM 0006: An Intergalactic Love Story With A Happy Ending

I love the idea of @TheRingOfDOOM interacting with the characters in the Street Art so I made up a legend about the characters in the two prominent D*Face murals. The other murals in the neighborhood just happen to corroborate their story.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The New Hotness Vol. 10

The New Hotness YouTube playlist is looking good these days...

1. Princess Nokia - "FLAVA" 2017  I'm very happy to link you to a review of this album on Mass Appeal written by Seattle's very own, Andrew Matson. He's been putting me onto good music since before I started this website eight years ago and it's great to see him progress. This album has been on repeat ever since I first hit play; Princess Nokia is Queen Bee of my world at this time... no question.

2. Mr. Lif + Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) - "Dirty Drumz" 2017  Mr. Lif speaks the truth, dirty ass drumz really are what it's all about; that said, health insurance would be tight.

3. Everything Is Recorded feat. Sampha, Ibeyi, Wiki, + Kamasi Washington - "Mountains Of Gold" 2017  Whoever picked this team knows what's up. Maybe it was Quincy Jones?

4. Leikeli47 - "2nd fiddle" 2017  Leikeli47 amazes me and I can't wait to see what she does next.

5. Liv.e - "FRANK" 2017  This artist is infuriatingly hard to google but there is a trail to follow via her Bandcamp page and Soundcloud pages. This album was released via the team at Dolfin Records (alongside Jon Bap, see below).

We were all wondering...

6. Jon Bap - "You Got It" 2017  I love that the internet unearthed Jon Bap to me; see below the visuals for some recent Soundcloud action.

7. Ibeyi feat. Kamasi Washington - "Deathless" 2017  Wicked awesome special effects; if you've been paying attention, you know I love those.

8. Magna Carda - "Joccin'" 2017  Magna Carda is one of the last shows I booked at The Crocodile Back Bar, they were on time, had great manners, and put on a great performance. This will get them everywhere.

9. HTMLflowers feat. Banoffee - "Chrome Halo" 2017  Banoffee first appeared on my site back in February 2014 following the release of "Reign Down" but came back up on my radar lately when Andrew Matson (from the Princess Nokia article above) posted this video on Twitter. When I first researched Banoffee, I found out that in addition to being an Australian musician, Banoffee is also a dessert pie made of bananas... so that's tight.

10. King Krule - "Dum Surfer" 2017  The new album is due out October 13, here's what Fader has to say about it. Here's hoping I'll be able to catch one of the tour dates. Mike Ramos wrote an incredible piece about 6 Feet Beneath The Moon for The Stranger that documented how the album helped people get through difficult times in their lives; I remain very impressed by both the album and the article.

11.  Kali Uchis X Princess Nokia as interpreted by MassHendrix - "Corsa" 2017  Still can't figure out if these Mass Hendrix videos are endorsed by the musicians but the end result is awesome. Whatever is going on there, Mass Hendrix has built up quite a collection of YouTube videos and I respect that. #props

12. Ladi6 - "GURU" 2017  If you follow the directions in this video by the New Zealand artist, you'll likely be a more well-rounded and positive person. Give it a shot, are you happy now?

13. L'Orange - "The Ordinary Man" 2017  The full album will be released on October 27 but we are blessed with this Oddisee collaboration to tie us over until we hear the rest. If you haven't heard the Adult Swim released album he did with Mr. Lif, there's still time; that's one of the wicked awesome things about music.

14. Radiohead - "Lift" 2017  If I act on all my creative impulses, I'll eventually recreate this video  (and "Daydreaming") w/ @TheRingOfDOOM and laugh my way through the entire process. My love for music drives me to do such weird things these days and I'm more than okay with it.

15. Blockhead - "Funeral Balloons" 2017  I found out about this project by subscribing to the Phat Friend email list because hearing about music from the artist themselves is where it's at... and sometimes the only way.

Here's a video of the vinyl pressing...

16. Nekubi - "NEK048: creative native" 2017  A weird and wonderful beat tape for your consideration...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

@TheRingOfDOOM 0005: San Francisco Spacecruise

In which our hero pays tribute in the Hip Hop section, learns about a human who can recreate the landscape of other planets, and gets in a San Francisco skate session.