Sunday, February 28, 2010


I can't figure out if I like this so maybe I do. I found this on the Fader Magazine website, it might be cool.
El Tigeraso

MALUCA | MySpace Music Videos

Plastic Beach

I might actually buy this album.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Truckasauras & Foscil

Much respect is due to the musical genius of these guys. They have been making music for a long time and have evolved into a vital part of the Seattle music scene, at least for me. I saw them last night as part of the Head Like An Espresso Truck show at Neumos, they ruled. I also saw them recently perform as Foscil (Truckasauras with more conventional instruments, I think) when they opened for DJ Krush, one of my all time favorites. Their album Tea Parties, Guns, and Valor was released in a way I think we could see more of in the future, the artwork for sale at Easy Street with a download code on the inside. It is a great idea. Props to them and congratulations for kicking so much ass. These dudes are cool. No blog post on My Definition of cool would be complete without a few videos.