Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ten More Music Videos With Nature Scenes

1. J'Von + Ackryte - "Go" 2013 (SEATTLE MUSIC) J'Von is one of Seattle's greatest assets. He was this good 2 years ago and just keeps getting better. His latest album featuring Blu and Ackryte, Raw Beats, is available to purchase on vinyl on

2. Astro King Phoenix - "Earth Sky" 2014 (SEATTLE MUSIC)  Astro King Phoenix is a full time artist and great human being. He is part of the rising wave of Seattle art on its way out into the world. He's made a ton of great videos with Wolf Delux (live painter etc.), who've both performed a few times at The Crocodile Back Bar. Check out this epic flyer for the fifth show I ever booked made by Mad Max Wallace.

3. Benjamin Clementine - "Condolence" 2014  I want to go on this same walk, I'm gonna wear shoes though. I love this song even more because I can't listen to it on Soundcloud or Spotify, the mystery is still there.

4. Silver Jackson - "The Life I Live" 2012  I'm proud to say that my first show booked outside of The Crocodile is Silver Jackson of Homeskillet Fest with Kristi Lane Sinclair, Erik Blood, Tay Sean, and OCnotes on June 21 at Sunset Tavern.

5. Will Butler - "Anna" 2015  It's kinda Thom Yorke-y meets Future Islands.

6. Tinashe - "Bated Breath" 2015  I'm down with Tinashe but without the visuals, this song wouldn't do it for me. The video makes me want to go on more road trips, not like I needed a boost.

7. Manatee Commune - "Lovely" 2013  One of Bellingham's finest, he would pair nicely with James Blake.

8. Dex Amora, Zuke Saga, and J'Von - "Dex Dynamite Saga Pt. 1" 2013 (SEATTLE MUSIC)  I can't say enough good things about these guys. They've played at The Crocodile at least 5 times in the last six months because they make great music and are wonderful to be around.

9. Spooky Black - "DJ Khaled Is My Father" 2014  This kid is 16 years old, I can't wait to see how he progresses.

10. Marz Léon - "WHITELIONZ" 2015  Hodgy Beats (the Odd Future member in the video) don't give a fuck, he'll wear white and lay on the ground and stuff. Maybe he got the idea from SZA, who spread her white sweater on the ground in her video for "Babylon."

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