Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ten More Music Videos Featuring Reflections

1. SZA - "Babylon" 2014  *I wouldn't recommend putting a white sweater in the dirt like that, great song though.

2. Oddisee - "Back Of My Mind" 2014  *Oddisee seems like a cool dude, I'd go on a spacecruise with those guys.

3. Grieves - "Serpents" 2014  *Grieves is lookin' all slicked in this video.

4.  Pebbles - "Giving You The Benefit" 1990   *This song also features motorcycles, wind, skeezy fashion photographer, water, shadows, solo dancing, blue lighting, strobe light action, spying/espionage by a guy in a coonskin cap; they may have done all this to hide the fact that it is only a mediocre song.

5. Lykke Li - "No Rest For The Wicked" 2014  *This is from her new album, I Never Learn.

6. Big Mike, Biggie Smalls, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Buckshot, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, Digable Planets, Heltah Skeltah, Ill Al Skratch, Jamal, Menace Clan, and Redman - "Points" 1995  *This is from the Panther Soundtrack from 1995. The reflection is Dwayne Wayne @ 3:36.

7. Cyndi Lauper - "True Colors" 1986  *Call her up on the shell phone.

8. Redman - "Dunfiato" 2014  *Redman has so much personality, he doesn't need a flashy video.

9. Ugly Frank - "Leftova" 2014 (TACOMA MUSIC)  *But, did they ever eat the Froot Loops?

10. Shabazz Palaces - "Dawn In Luxor" KENZO Spring/Summer 2014 (SEATTLE MUSIC) *Reflections of the sun in the water and from the sequins. From their upcoming album Lese Majesty.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ten Black and White Videos Part III

1. Isaiah Rashad - "Soliloquy" 2014  *My favorite Isaiah Rashad song is "Ronnie Drake," this one's aight too.

2. The Foreign Exchange feat. Eric Roberson and Shana Tucker - "Better" 2014  *Foreign Exchange are coming to The Crocodile on July 22, so that will be fucking awesome.

3. Oliver the 2nd, Trenttruce, and Jeremiah Jae - "Red Roses" 2014  *I don't really care what this song is about cuz it's all beat nasty face.

4. Erik Hassle feat. Tinashe - "Innocence Lost" 2014  *Here's hoping that Tinashe will continue to work with artists who aren't ridiculous.

5. Depeche Mode - "It's No Good" 1997  *There is another version of this video on Ten Music Videos featuring Taxis.

6. Fly Moon Royalty - "DNA" 2014  (SEATTLE MUSIC) *Fly Moon Royalty are making all the right moves. They released their Unfinished Business EP earlier this year and had an amazing Album Release Party at Neumos.

7. The Neighbourhood - "Lurk" 2014  *The video is kinda painful, but, the song is so great you end up watching it anyway.

8. Schoolboy Q feat. BJ The Chicago Kid - "Studio" 2014  *This is a Beats Music product placement video, slow jam style.

9. Yancey Boys feat Eric Roberson - "Lovin U" 2014  *I fux with these guys, but, I wish they made it to the Welcome To Dillaville show at The Crocodile. The Yancey Boys include Illa J and Frank Nitt.

10. Romaro Franceswa - "The Big Payback" 2014 (Produced by Bean One) (SEATTLE MUSIC) *This is from his Black King album, listen to that and watch his LIVE ON KEXP performance if you need more Yuk. Romaro Franceswa is currently on tour with Grieves, Fearce Vill, and SonReal. They will be at The Showbox on June 7.