Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ten Music Videos with Special Effects Part III

1. Oddisee - "After Thoughts" 2013  *Oddisee is a supremely talented musician who deserves the sustainable music career he is working towards.

2. Dudley Perkins - "State Of Emergency" (Produced by Madlib) 2013  *Dudley Perkins is also Declaime, I love Declaime.

3. Model 500 - "The Flow" 1995  *I originally fell in love with Juan Atkins Remix version of the I found on the Everything But The Girl Edition of the Back To Mine Series (2001).

4. Q-Tip feat. Norah Jones - "Life Is Better" 2008  *Norah Jones pairs well with Hip Hop.

5. Cut Chemist feat. Chali 2na and Hymnal - "Turn It Around" 2013  *I hope this mean there will be a Cut Chemist tour.

6. L'Orange - "The Epilogue" 2011  *L'Orange is the new hotness, even though he's been around for awhile.

7. 14KT feat. Tiffany Page - "The Inside" 2013  *14KT has a Super Snap, you'll see.

8. Kool and Kass - "Arrested Development" 2013  *They are just so likeable.

9. The Flight - "Dark Corners" 2013  *I would love to hear the instrumental version.

10. DJ Krush feat. CL Smooth - "Only The Strong Survive" 1995  *This song is still way awesome.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ten Great Songs

1. Quadron - "Favorite Star" 2013  *It's a ***** happy song.

2. General Elektriks - "Frost On Your Sunglasses" 2005  *This is off the Cliquety Kliqk album, I also love "Tu M'intriques."

3. Declaime feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow - "Mages Sages II" (Produced by Flying Lotus) 2010  *Next level jam.

4. James Blake feat. RZA - "Take A Fall For Me" 2013  *Not surprising that a James Blake and RZA would make a song this amazing.

5. Portugal. The Man feat. Danny Brown - "Evil Friends (Jake One Remix)" 2013  *This is the first song I contributed to Reign City, and it's awesome.

6. King Krule - "Foreign 2" 2013  *King Krule will be playing at Barboza on December 14. I'm so there.

7. Glass Candy - "Candy Castle" 2007  *I would love to see a Glass Candy and Chromatics show someday.

8. Barry Adamson - "Something Wicked This Way Comes" 1997  *I originally found this song on the Lost Highway Soundtrack, which had some serious gems.

9. Deltron 3030 - "3030" 2000   *Deltron 3030 is coming to The Crocodile on November 17. They have a new album called Deltron 3030: Event II. Dan The Automator's discography is truly amazing.

10. The XX - "Angels" (Budo Remix) 2013  *"Angels" seems like it was made to be remixed. Budo's incredible new album is best described in this guy's Tumblr page review.