Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ten Music Videos With The Whole Posse

1. Joey Bada$$ - "Big Dusty" 2014  The Pro Era team is still killin' it, Joey especially. The dude at  :06 is a Jarv Dee doppelganger.

Pause and see what I mean...

2. BADBADNOTGOOD feat. Leland Whitty - "UVM" 2012  It's hard to watch this without pausing for cereal.

3. Intelligent Hoodlum - "The Posse (Shoot Em Up)" 1993  This is the first track on the Posse Soundtrack. I have a VHS tape with Intelligent Hoodlum performing this song Live on BET (and many other early 90's music videos), it's one of my most prized possessions.

4. Seinabo Sey - "Younger" 2014  Swedes have the chillest parties. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing what she does with the buzz she created with this song.

5. ILOVEMAKONNEN - "Tuesday" 2014  This song always makes me think of Stop Biting! Tuesdays at Lo-Fi.

6. Queen Latifah - "Just Another Day" 1993  It must have been quite a neighborhood spectacle when they rolled in the lift for the video shoot. It's an advanced posse shot.

Some Seattle artists covered this song last year...

Mic Flont, Gabriel Teodros, Ka.lil, + Jillthy - "Just Another Day" 2013  It's a pretty great cover and I love to see music celebrating our city. Eric Miller makes pretty great videos.

7. Lords Of The Underground - "Neva Faded" 1994  Backwards down the step twirl skills on lock. More Rappers Behind Fences from the Keepers Of The Funk album.

8. Dead Prez - "Hip Hop"2000  This is some classic shit right here. Dead Prez will be at Nectar Lounge on April 24 with Grayskul.

9. Kendrick Lamar - "i" 2014  It's a happy Kendrick song! I think it's great that he's mixing it up, that's what life is all about.

10. Homeboy Sandman - "Anything" 2014  He's such a charismatic dude that he doesn't even need a good beat to keep my attention.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ten More Music Videos with Food

The full collection of Food Music Videos is ready for #YouTubeNchill 'n.

1. Superior - "My Whole World" 2015  Finding this song reminded me that spending hours on the internet looking for music is exactly the shit I love most. Superior has been making music since the 90s and is currently on the Dezi Belle label out of Berlin, Germany. Props to the kids in the video for their entrepreneurial spirit, they are going to take over the world.

2. Run The Jewels - "Blockbuster Night Part 1" 2014  El-P and Killer Mike are way better rappers than EMTs. Self promotion is also one of their great skills.

3. Freddie Gibbs + Madlib - "Harolds" 2014  I love Madlib's instrumentals. When the guns, violence, and bitches are optional, I'll always go without.

4. Mndsgn - "Frugality, Zen, + Homewards" 2014  A truly weird (AKA great) video from Stones Throw artist Mndsgn. He'll be at Barboza on Sunday, February 22.

5. Jamil Suleman + Spekulation - "Curry N'A Hour" 2015  Jamil Suleman teamed up with the Internet Buzz Master Spekulation for his song about the realest of real...making dinner. He'll be performing at the March Home Slice at The Crocodile Back Bar. Home Slice is a monthly showcase of local Hip Hop that I curate with Andrew Savoie of Nu Era.

Proud to say that Jamil was one of the teachers of my UW Hip Hop Class in Spring 2012 along with Third Andresen PhD and John Eklof. That was the class that made me realize what I should really be doing with my life. In the class we made an EP, a blog, and had an Album Release Party. Here's a link to a video filmed at the show. We made a bunch of music videos, here's the link to our YouTube page. This was the video that truly captured the experience You can play Where's Waldo for me in the video if you know what I look like.

6. Bocafloja - "Aire" 2013  It seems like this rapper from Mexico City knows what's up. He's spreading positive messages with his music, I love that shit.

7. Doomtree - "Final Boss" 2015  I assure you that no Doomtree members were harmed in the making of this video. They are in fine shape and looking forward to the Seattle stop of their All Hands Tour. My ReignCity team is hosting their March 9 show at Neumos with Hellfyre Club and Transit.

8. INXS - "Beautiful Girl" 1993  One of those 90s jams that never gets old to me. INXS had the cuts.

9. Keyboard Kid - "BasedExorcism" 2012 (SEATTLE MUSIC)  I love that he made a Twin Peaks inspired video. There's a handful of corn @ 2:16.

10. The Fat Boys - "All You Can Eat" 1985  From the epic 80s movie, Krush Groove. A must watch for any Hip Hop fan.

Here's the link to the original Ten Music Videos Featuring Food from January 2013. It has They Live, Illa J, Beach House, Mayer Hawthorne, Glass Candy, De La Soul, and more....

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ten Great Live Performance Videos Part III

1. Filthy Fingers United Cassette Release Party 2014  Incredibly proud to say that this was the first show I ever booked in The Crocodile Back Bar. Diogenes is to FFU as Peanut Butter Wolf is to Stones Throw. I would love to help the 50+ Filthy Fingers United members be able to quit their day jobs to make music. They release a monthly themed compilation that I post on the ReignCity website on the 20th of every month.

2. Madlib Makes A Beat w/ Sony's MVR - "LA To Tokyo" 2014  I haven't seen Madlib live since Neumos 2007, that's way too long. I have only great memories of the show, but according to this article from The Stranger it was shitty.

3. Ol Dirty Bastard On Yo! MTV RAPS 1995?  We miss you ODB.

4. FKA Twigs - "Hide" 2014  This is one of my favorite videos of all time. It's a bummer that the little kid had peed his pants for his YouTube debut.  They filmed the visuals in Aztec ruins, which is fucking awesome. The percussion getting a bit wonky is part of why it is so great. I also appreciate the KEXP version.

5. Homeboy Sandman + Paul White - "Wade In The Water" 2014  Homeboy Sandman is one of my favorite rappers. My ReignCity team got to host his January 23 Bellingham show with Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, DJ Abilities, and Dark Time Sunshine for the Hail Mary Mallon Tour. It was one of the best days ever.

6. Grape God - "Time Travel Television" 2014  Very proud to say that I brought some of Portland's most interesting artists to The Crocodile Back Bar on February 8. Grape God brought Slick DeviousRenaissance Coalition, and Soopah Eype up with him. Super genius OCnotes performed as well. I love that they used live footage and made it into Time Travel Television.

7. Brandy, MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, and Queen Latifah Are Still Down - "Live at BET Hip Hop Awards 2014" These Queens are still amazing. The audience shots are pretty great too.

8. Daughter - "Youth" NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert 2013  The original is a great song, but Budo's Remix of the song is incredible.

9. Shabazz Palaces - "Live On KEXP" 2014 (SEATTLE MUSIC) The Black Constellation is light years ahead of the rest.

10. Fink - "Warm Shadow" 2013  I got to see them at their show at The Crocodile back in October. I had never heard their music before and it was probably one of the best shows I've ever seen. "Warm Shadow" was featured on Walking Dead.

Here's the link to the original Ten Incredible Live Performance Videos and here's the link to the second.