Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Outer Spacecruise AKA Ten More Outer Space Videos

*The Outer Spacecruise photo-collage above is my first venture into Photoshop. Check the bottom of the post for the link to the full Outer Spacecruise YouTube playlist.

1. Sun Ra - "Space Is The Place" 1974  Sun Ra is pretty much the King of Outer Space videos and one of the most interesting people to bless this planet with their existence. Most Applicable Quote: "The outer space beings are my brothers. They sent me here. They already know my music." -Sun Ra  @SunRaUniverse

2. Lady Moon + The Eclipse - "Roller Coaster" 2016  I am 90% on board with this song because the song's most roller coaster-like moments stress me out. That said, I've taken the space video bait and have started diving into Lady Moon + The Eclipse's catalog to see what they're all about.  @lmelove

3. Alabama Shakes - "Sound + Color" 2015  Is this a metaphor for being trapped in your own mind or a just a take on some epic space movies? #DeepThoughts Whatever it is intended to be, I love it. @Alabama_Shakes

4. L'Orange + Kool Keith - "The Green Ray" 2015  I'm loving all things L'Orange these days but have yet to see him live. His current label, Mello Music Group was recently dubbed The Most Successful New Indie Rap Label Of This Decade by Forbes magazine. That's a damn good look for this Rise Of The Underground thing we have going.  @LOrangeMusic  @Ultraman7000

When I saw Kool Keith at Neumos in 2014, he had a disappointing sad crew of cell phone checking squad on stage left (not pictured). He's got enough presence to be alone up there, time to leave the squad in the green rooms Keith. I took this shitty photo at the show which I included in my short lived Rap Hands (blurry hands) Instagram collection.

5. DJ Shadow - "The Mountain Will Fall" 2016  I'm so glad that DJ Shadow is evolving with his music because it's keeping him passionate about his craft. "Nobody Speak," the track from his new album featuring Run The Jewels is most definitely the cut. They recently shared how the collaboration came about with the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, here's the link.  @djshadow

This October 3, The Mountain Will Fall Tour will be coming through The Showbox in Seattle, WA. One of my current jobs in the music industry happens to be Hospitality Coordinator at The Showbox and Showbox SoDo so 10/3/16 will be a pretty great day for me as I've been a fan since the Endtroducing tour brought him to La Luna in Portland as support of Jeru The Damaja in 1997.

6. Batida - "Céu" feat. Frànçois + The Atlas Mountains 2016  "Angolan-Portuguese producer Batida aka Pedro Coquenão has been a busy man lately, releasing an album with Konono N°1 and fighting for social justice and the freedom of 16 detained young activists in Angola." - Okay Africa

Much love goes out to Okay Africa/Okay Player and all the services they provide to the community. Their website has been a consistent source of inspiration and interesting music throughout the seven years I've been sharing music on this website.  @BatidaOfficial

7. The Internet feat. Kaytranada - "Girl" 2015  The Ego Death album made hearts flutter upon its release and stands firm as one of the best albums of 2015. I can still remember the eyes lit up with joy response I got from a few other music nerds when I asked them if they heard it yet.  @intanetz

8. Michael Jackson + Janet Jackson - "Scream" 1995  In an era when some were using helicopters and yachts to show off their baller status, the Jacksons took it to the next level and went universal. The $7 million video  remains to be totally wicked.  @JanetJackson

9. Shabazz Palaces - "Motion Sickness" 2014 (SEATTLE MUSIC)  While the members of Shabazz Palaces do reside in Seattle, their music has transcended the boundaries of our city and have created their own Black Constellation. I love that they opened for Radiohead in LA, someone is very smart. @shabazzpalaces

10. Slick Devious feat. Janet Earth - "Hollow Planets" 2016 (PORTLAND MUSIC) The color of the fake barf(?) is what makes it for me. Slick Devious came up to Seattle last February with Grape God, we should probably have him back soon. Check out his multiple mediums of visual art here.  @SlickDevious

*Here's the link to the Outer Spacecruise YouTube Playlist as it is today. It will be constantly evolving...like Bowie.