Monday, May 16, 2016

Ten Music Videos With Special Effects Part VI

All 60 Music Videos With Special Effects are on a YouTube playlist ready to be YouTubeN'Chilled.

1. Nao - "Fool To Love" 2016  I first discovered now via "So Good" with A.K. Paul last year and I overplayed the shit out of that song too. Nao is doing it right. This latest instantly infectious track from the East London artist has helped me to work on my car dancing over the last few days. Thanks Nao!

2. Flying Lotus - "Phantasm" 2012  I just learned from FlyLo's impressive Wikipedia page that he is an ex Stones Throw intern which has always sounded like an amazing idea to me. My Brainfeeder shirt is one of my favorites because it actually fits AND because I truly appreciate the efforts Flying Lotus has put into his label.

Flying Lotus (feat. Laura Darlington) - Phantasm from The Bow on Vimeo.

Plus, how cool is this press photo.

3. Vivians (Mndsgn + Koreatown Oddity) - "The Shaw (In The 90's)" 2015  I'm a sucker for all the 90s nostalgia videos and this one is no exception. Watch "Flip And Rewind" by Rashida Jones for another example. Mndsgn of Vivians was affiliated with Stones Throw but is now on Akashik Records, I fux with them.

4. Mick Jenkins - "P's + Q's" 2015  This is reminiscent of the Spike Jonze video for "Drop" in the best way. I do prefer "Drop" over this track but the visuals could not be better. I was seeking out a "Making The Video" type thing but found this instead. Mick Jenkins has been killin it since before I first got hip around "The Roots" in 2013.

5. ABRA - "Fruit" 2015  I'm not a huge Awful Records fan but this is fire. I've been overplaying this song since I first discovered it...too late, just a few days ago. Fortunately, it's never too late for a new favorite song.

6. bryson, the alien - "2heavy" 2016  PORTLAND MUSIC  There's so much good music in Portland, it's always worth a road trip. This was likely a pretty low-budget video (this is a rad thing) but the special effects take it to the next level. Here's his Twitter; follow him so you can see what he does next.

7. Aesop Rock - "Rings" 2016  Aesop Rock has had his game stepped up for decades. Click here to see how many YouTube videos it takes to launch an album Rhymesayers style (AKA the right way). This video is amazing and so are the efforts of Aesop Rock. You should probably buy his new album The Impossible Kid.

Here's a picture of me and him taken just after his recent show in Bellingham before I realized that I gave him poor service as a fill-in promoter rep because I was too nervous to be myself. My mom saw this photo and thought he must be my new tall and handsome boyfriend because I look so happy in this photo; I was very sad to disappoint her.

8. Massive Attack feat. Young Fathers - "Voodoo In My Blood" 2016  With all the SIFF heads in town, you'd think we'd have more videos from local artists like this. Hmmm....scheming. My sister Ingrid would say this is a "problem song."

9. Oshun feat. Proda - "Protect Your Self" 2016  Found these ladies via Team Backpack and have been watching out for them ever since. This video got them on NPR's radar, if they weren't already. Hope to see them in Seattle soon!

10. Ripley Snell feat. Grape God - "Timeless" 2013 (Prod. by Neill Von Tally) PORTLAND MUSIC  Theses two are some of the most unique and interesting people I've ever met. I recently booked a show in Portland for Grape God and Ripley Snell as Wine + Coffee, DoNormaal, OCnotes (w/ Rik Rude + Astro King Phoenix), Raven Matthews, and Snugsworth at The Know. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Fortunately, these cats are time travelers so we'll be able to relive the evening.

From upper left to right (Ripley Snell, OCnotes, Rik Rude, Skelli Skel) Bottom left to right (Northern Draw + Grape God) 
Sadly not pictured below because I was too busy living in the moment for once are DoNormaal, Raven Matthews, Astro King Phoenix, and Snugsworth.

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