Saturday, December 14, 2013

Eight Music Videos featuring Money

1. 3rd Bass - "Brooklyn-Queens" 1988  *MC Serch has 3rd Bass shaved into the back of his head, rad.

2. Tricky - "Sophie Sees" 2013  *This is a short film filmed and scored by Tricky, skillz.

3. Large Professor - "IJUSWANNACHILL" 2009  *This was officially released in 2009, released for promo only in 2002, and shelved by Geffen in 1996.

It uses the same sample as De La Soul's "Dinninit".

4. Michael Christmas - "Michael Cera" 2013  *Squeezing Egg McMuffins is hardcore. Still not sure why he made a song about Michael Cera, but, it's awesome.

5. DJ Quik - "Safe + Sound" 1995  *DJ Quik is coming to The Crocodile January 24, it will be epic.

6. King Ara - "Who The F**k You Talkin' To?" 2013  *This song amazes me.

7. M.anifest - "Over and Under" 2013 (Produced by Budo)  *Underwater money!

8. Sol - "Turn Me Loud" 2013 (SEATTLE MUSIC) *Sol recently played a sold out show at Showbox At The Market, it was awesome.

Ten Great Stephan Gray Productions

***All these videos have appeared on this website before, this post is to showcase the mad skillz of Stephan Gray all in one place. This list also turned out to be a compilation of some of Seattle's most exciting artists. Thank you to Gray Matter Productions for making so many great videos.

1. Thadwick Tristen Trevor lll and Swan Coltrane - "Brain Champagne" 2011  *This is Tay Sean (of Kingdom Crumbs) and Thaddeus David, I hope they make music together again someday.

2. The Physics - "The Goodbye" 2013  *Don't be that girl, mkay?

3. Metal Chocolates - "Opium Of Love" 2011  *OCnotes and Rik Rude collaboration.

4. Sol - "This Shit" 2011  *Sol might take over the world, we shall see.

5. Fresh Espresso - "Big Or Small" 2009  *I nominate this video for best placement of a dj.

6. Grynch - "My Volvo" 2010  *I think that since this video has more than a million views, Grynch deserves a free Volvo.

7. Don't Talk To The Cops! - "Gimme That 80's Butt" 2013  *This album was released in a mini cereal box with all marshmallows for the cereal, awesome.

8. Katie Kate - "Uh...No" 2012  *She is "unabashedly filthy" for sure.

9. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Irish Celebration" 2011  *Have you ever heard of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis? I think they might be Justin Bieber famous.

10. OCnotes - "Walk" 2012  *The special effects made this walk with OCnotes so wonderful.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seven Music Videos At The Water's Edge

1. Reks - "25th Hour" (Produced by DJ Premier) 2011  *He's got a great rap walk. This video also qualifies for music videos with snow, carnival scenes, and signs.

2. RA Scion and Rodney Hazard - "Constant" 2013 (SEATTLE MUSIC)  *After an afternoon of horseback riding, Little Red Riding Hood plays with fire with her homies.

3. Alexander Spit - "Eleanor 60" 2013  *This video also has american flags, money, palm trees, skateboards, tigers, dogs, law enforcement, cats, public transportation, Adidas, and tons of very brief shots of people you may recognize.

4. Malik Ferraud feat. Emilio Rojas - "Nothing Comes Easy" 2013 *East Coast Hip Hop video also has NY Yankees hats, bridges, a globe, animals, and water. This song is definitely worth a listen.

5. Vic Mensa - "Lovely Day" 2013  *This perky song also qualifies for music videos featuring rocks, leg shots, sped up city scenes, backwards scenes, pools, ocean shots, and people sitting illegally in convertibles.

6. Alchemist feat. Prodigy, Nina Sky, and Illa Ghee - "Hold You Down" 2004  *Alchemist has an amazing career (Alchemist Production Discography) and he's still making great music now (Step Brothers).

7. Kendra Morris - "Concrete Wave" 2011  *I do prefer the DJ Premier Remix but this great original version also has flowers, boats, musicians on their backs, a restaurant, rain, candles, and underwater scenes.