Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ten Great YouTube Video Series

1. Anderson .Paak A N I M A L via Mass Appeal

"Today, Mass Appeal premieres Anderson .Paak’s new web series, A N I M A L. Curated by Ian Schwartzman and Adrian Miller, and shot by Micah Stell, the show is a quick-paced, jump cut-filled account of newfound fame, which mirrors the wonderfully turbulent life that Paak is adjusting to. “It’s been a crazy ride and I’m not really concerned with stopping any time soon,” says Paak. “This is what we’ve been working toward for a long a time. We’re ready, and I’m glad I can share this moment with new fans and people that want to get to know me.” The cast of characters ranges from Paak’s L.A. underground homies like Dumbfoundead and LO_DEF, global superstars like Dre and Kendrick, to his wife and son." - The YouTube credits


"This is a podcast about music…kinda.  Hosted by Lee Shaner (better known as Intuition), a rapper, writer, photographer, curator, and producer haling from North Pole, Alaska and currently residing in Los Angeles.  Produced by Ben Shim, also known as DTBS, an audio engineer, producer, beat maker, and fellow Knocksteady ex-patriot.  The two previously hosted and produced over 70 podcasts on the now defunct “Knocksteady Live” show.  Kinda Neat is a means of getting to know more about their friends and fellow dream chasers, while introducing them to, or better informing, folks that share similar tastes in music." - Kinda Neat

ILLFIGHTYOU - "Potty" - Episode 30 9/11/13

3. King Krule - "What's In My Bag?" 2014 Amoeba Records 1/13/14

"Our award-winning series and tastemakers sharing what they found shopping at Amoeba."
- Amoeba Records

4. Crate Diggers via Fuse TV

"Invited into the private homes and studios of some of the most influential personalities in music, this award-winning digital series profiles musicians through the thing they hold most dear—their record collections. In Crate Diggers, renowned artists, DJs and producers allow Fuse’s cameras to document personal vinyl collections that have frequently never before been seen by the public. Each episode becomes more than an exploration of a crate of albums, it becomes an exploration of the music that shaped the artists’ work and lives. In 2013, Crate Diggers was named an Honoree for Best Online Music Documentary by the WEBBY Awards." - FUSE

J Rocc's Vinyl Collection - 2012

5. Thursday Plantation - Larry Mizell Jr. + Propadata Films circa 2006

Playlist of all Ten Episodes from his pre-KEXP days. The Prince Paul interview is my favorite part.

6. 7 Slaps In The Sack w/ Carrick Wenke for 2014-Present

I wish he'd work with more local artists but it's still a great series.

7. Coolout TV Interview with Treach and DJ Kay Gee of Naughty By Nature 2008

Georgio Brown and Coolout TV feature Gloria Medina w/ Naughty By Nature at the 92.5 House Party 2008 with Coolio in Seattle.

"I'm feeling the fire right now" (2:14) -says the woman standing next to Treach

8. Black Cab Sessions in London + New York

 Champagne Champagne - "Soda + Poprocks" 2012 (SEATTLE MUSIC)

"Presenting the best bands performing in one of the worlds most iconic vehicles!"

9. Rhythm Roulette by Mass Appeal

"Mass Appeal challenges producers to make a beat by sampling three random records, chosen from a local record store while blindfolded. The results offer us a unique perspective into the musical minds of these world-class beatmakers and the hidden souls of the records that destiny hath given." -The YouTube Description

This one features samplemaster-flex, Exile.

10. Fuck! That's Delicious By Action Bronson

He's the Anthony Bourdain of Hip Hop.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ten Music Videos With Shadows Or Silhouettes

1. Neka + Kahlo - "Mayweather" 2015  Two of Portland's most interesting people (up there with Grape God of course). I booked them at  The Crocodile Back Bar on Sunday, July 26 for a show with Astro King Phoenix, Wes Guy, and Fountaine. It was amazing.

2. Dam Funk - "We Continue" 2015  STONES THROW I would love to go on a spacecruise with these dudes. Dam Funk coming through with another great message.

3. Oddisee - "Belong To The World" 2015  My team at ReignCity is bringing Oddisee and The Good Compny Band to The Crocodile on November 7. He is a cool ass dude.

4. Akua Naru - "The World Is Listening" (prod. by JR + Ph7) 2010  This reminds me of the Canary Sing video for "Freak Show" in the best way. These are some down ass chicks.

5. J'Von + Ackryte - "Tasia" 2013  J'Von is one of my favorite producers and also one of my favorite artists to work with. For a good time, follow his Soundcloud.

He's also an amazing visual artist. I fully hijacked this photo from his Facebook page.

6. Nu Era - "Cops" 2014  Andrew Savoie of Nu Era and myself host a monthly Local Hip Hop Showcase at The Crocodile Back Bar called Home Slice. Come through, the pizza is bomb and the people are even better.

7. Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams - "Get Lucky" 2013  These are some relevant mother-f***ers. This song made the world happy, what could be better than that?

8. Jaden Smith - "Scarface" 2015 Not that he needs it, but, I wholeheartedly cosign Jaden Smith. He's an intelligent 17 year old actor, musician, and fashion designer #props. I hope to see him at The Crocodile someday soon.

9. SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig - "New Dorp, New York" 2014  Haven't seen SBTRKT live yet, that day will be awesome. His self titled album released on Young Turks is a classic.

10. The Good Sin feat. Alisha Roney - "Eye 2 Eye" 2012 (Produced by Justo) (SEATTLE MUSIC)  Breaking stuff in reverse and road trips are totally awesome, they obviously know what's up.

*BONUS* It felt weird to leave out the legendary DJ Shadow, so I'll just leave this here.

DJ Shadow - "Live! In Tune And On Time" 2004