Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ten Music Videos with Steps

1. Cris Prolific feat. Phat Kat - "To My Man J Dilla" 2011  *Another ode to Dilla.

You may remember Phat Kat from this song; I know I do.

2. Lil Kim feat. Lil Cease and The Notorious B.I.G. - "Crush On You" 1997  *In this video, we're talking about dance steps. Hardcore was definitely the best Lil Kim album.

3. Pusha T feat. Kendrick Lamar - "Nosetalgia" 2013  *Somebody should count how many steps they take, I'm not gonna do it, but, someone should. Kendrick has the smoothest and most nonchalant entrance ever. Still not a big Pusha T fan.

4. RJD2 - "Her Majesty's Socialist Request" 2013  *Whoa. This video is intense.

5. Step Brothers - "Step Masters" 2013  *I really hope there is a Step Brothers tour. I want to get them to sign this poster.

Alchemist and Evidence are f**king awesome. They both win.

6. Tricky feat. Nneka - "Nothing Matters" 2013  *The False Idols album is incredible.

7. Mic Flont, Gabriel Teodros, Ka.lil, and Jillthy - "Just Another Day" 2103  *Seattle music.

8. MF Doom - "Doomsday" 1999  *I had to get the Doom Ring.

9. Chromeo feat. Toro Y Moi - "Come Alive" 2014  *Yes! It's Mannequin, the 2014 version.

10. Del The Funky Homosapien - "Wrong Place" 1993  *More than 20 years of great music.

A photo I took of Deltron 3030 at The Showbox on November 17, 2013.

Ten Music Videos with Musicians Sitting On The Job

1. Sam Lachow - "King Lear" 2013  *This may be one of Seattle's first period piece music videos.

2. 7evenThirty - "GetUp!!!" 2012  *I love this song.

3. Blood Orange - "Time Will Tell" 2013  *Still not sure about the white turtleneck and sweatpants thing. The song and fierce solo dance routine are great though.

4. Tricky - "Hell Is Round The Corner" 1995  *Tricky is one of my favorite superheroes.

5. Banoffee - "Reign Down" 2013  *New favorite Australian artist found on the Pigeons and Planes website.

6. The Beatles - "Ticket To Ride" 1965  *Awesome.

7. Woodkid - "I Love You" 2013  *They went all out for this video. Glaciers and everything.

8. Damon Albarn - "Everyday Robots" 2014  *Damon Albarn must have been sitting down while getting his head scanned for the video?

9. The Physics - "Am I Crazy" 2013  *The Physics are one of my many favorite Seattle bands. Their new Digital Wildlife album is amazing.

10. J-Live - "Money Matters" 2014  *Laundromat music video, now that is some real shit.