Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ten Music Videos with Swords

I compiled all the Sword Music Videos I've found so far on YouTube playlist for you. #YouTubeNchill

1. Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper - "Baby Blue" 2015  Action Bronson is doing everything right; he's made a career out of doing the things he loves the most. Plus, Coming To America remake is killing it.

2. Grimes feat. Blood Diamonds - "Go" 2014  I don't normally think that wearing Adidas sandals is that styley, but, in this video it's perfect.

3. Hail Mary Mallon - "Garfield" 2011  I'm sure we've all had a campfire machete experience, I know I do.

4. Homeboy Sandman - "Refugee" 2014  This knife is swordlike enough for me. This video is a trip, literally.

5. Diamond D feat. Alchemist + Evidence - "Its Magic" 2014  They've found some pretty great stuff while digging in those crates.

6. Mobb Deep - "Peer Pressure" 1993  Crazy that this video was made 22 years ago.

The first time I ever sold merch was for Mobb Deep at The Crocodile on April 22, 2014. Here's 15 seconds of their performance, I love shows where everyone knows the words.

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7. The Bar (Prometheus Brown + Bambu) - "Barkada" 2014  These guys will be at The Crocodile on July 21 for the Beatrock Music Five Year Anniversary Left Coast Tour with the whole crew.

Here's the flyer for the show.

8. Ghostface Killah feat. Kandace Springs - "Love Don't Live Here No More" 2015  I love videos with a storyline. Ghostface killed it with this one.

9. Astro King Phoenix - "Yarn" 2015  Video by Malcolm Procter AKA Wolf Delux. These two are some seriously high quality human beings.

10. Quadir Lateef - "The Quickening Arts" 2012  He's aight but I'd love to hear the instrumental.