Monday, July 11, 2016

Ten Great Low Budget Music Videos

I decided to add a link to a YouTube playlist for each list because I just got a Smart TV and I'd rather watch music videos than television. Adding YouTube playlist links to previous lists will be another new long term project. TEN GREAT LOW BUDGET VIDEOS YOUTUBE  PLAYLIST

1. Taylar Elizza Beth - "Daisies" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  Can't say enough good things about this woman and her video debut. With one video she's been able to show us what she's all about and leave us wanting more in a way that a strictly Soundcloud release cannot. I have no doubt "Fresh Cut Flowers" will be worth waiting for. @taylizzabeth

2. DoNormaal - "Let That Thing Go" 2015 (Prod. by Roach Carter)  SEATTLE MUSIC  Her beauty and talent shines from the inside out. DoNormaal's progression as an artist is a beautiful thing to witness. Here's hoping a new DoNormaal album is coming soon. @donormaalright 

3. The Last Artful, Dodgr - "Pestilent Intestines" 2013  PORTLAND MUSIC  Since The Last Artful, Dodgr released this low-budget gem, she's been working with the uber-interesting EYRST crew and making some big moves including being named one of the "5 Female MC's Leading The Charge" by Milk Studios. It would be in your best interest to follow @TheLastArtful on Twitter.

4. Stevo The Weirdo - "LUNCHTIME X LIKE ME REMIX" 2016  PORTLAND MUSIC  I haven't yet delved into Stevo The Weirdo's catalog but this song is dope. I get infinite inspiration from the goldmine of great music in the Pacific Northwest. @StevoTheWeirdo

5. Able Fader - "The Wind And Rain" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC Can't say enough great things about this dude. He is a true professional in everything he does (Graphic Design, DJ, Producer, Sound Engineer, Father, etc.) and a joy to work with. @AbleFader

6. Macklemore feat. XP "Brad Pitt's Cousin" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  The adventures of Macklemore and his crew are not low-budget, they still made this video on an iPhone. This song is not that tight but I love how they're showing us what we can do with the tools we already have. I'd love to work for this crew because they understand that music can be used as a tool for social change.  @Macklemore

7. DonMonique - "Kendall, Kylie, Miley" 2015  I've never followed the moves of Kendall, Kylie, or Miley but DonMonique seems coo. Here's a video about the Brooklyn artist via Noisey.  @DONMON1QUE

8. Jorja Smith - "Where Did I Go?" 2016  This UK artist further proves that one great low-budget video is all you need to capture the attention of the world. The simplicity of the video shows us that she doesn't need flashy gimmicks because her "Personal Sunlight" alone can carry the video. I've been overplaying this song since I first heard it a few days ago. @JorjaSmith

9. DoNormaal - "Standing" 2015 (Prod. by Brakebill)  SEATTLE MUSIC  She's amazing because she's being herself 100%. One of my favorite DoNormaal moments was when she performed with Nu Era at their "Armadilla Lexus" Release Party at Sunset Tavern. @donormaalright

10. Lady Leshurr - "Queen's Speech Ep. 4" 2015  I'd love to see my girl Z3LLi make videos like this. It's simple and low-budget but showcases the personality of the artists well. The rap/walk multitask is a classic music video skill...I sense a new list coming on. @LadyLeshurr

*Use what you've got! If you or one of your friends has a smartphone, you can make a music video. A YouTube presence is vital if an artist wants to be taken seriously. The only thing holding you back is yourself.