Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring Record Stores

1. Yancey Boys feat. Frank Nitt (Produced By J Dilla) - "The Throwaway" 2012  *We sell this cheese at my work called Yancey's Fancy and no one I work with gets it.

This song is made with unreleased J Dilla (James Yancey) beats.

2. Verb T - "Where You Find Me" 2012  (UK HIP HOP)  *I love this beat; the bass is great and it has soul. I really don't know how to talk about beats, I just know if I like it.

3. New Order - "Temptation" 1982  *I'm pretty sure this is not the original video because the clothes and the cars look too modern. Of course, New Order is great.

4. J Rocc - "Stay Fresh" 2011  *Mayer Hawthorne filmed this while he, J Rocc, and Peanut Butter Wolf were on tour in Japan (or so the YouTube credit says).

5. Lootpack (Madlib) - "Crate Diggin'" 1999  *Oh man, I love this.

6. Jin - "Top 5 Dead Or Alive" 2005  *This is the only Jin song that I really like. It is hard to pick a top 5 emcees because it is hard to know how to judge. Is it personal preference, content of lyrics, or skill level? I always like Mos Def, Method Man, and Q-Tip. The rest of my top 5 is always changing by what I am overplaying at the time.

7. Primal Scream - "It's Alright, It's OK" 2013  *This is what a new Primal Scream song should sound like (as messed up as that sounds). I always loved their "Movin' On Up" song from 1991.

8. The Roots - "Silent Treatment" 1995  *Another solid Roots track.

9. The Foreign Exchange - "I Wanna Know" 2009  *This song by Phonte and Nicolay is way more R and B than I expected. It's aight.

10. Erykah Badu - "Honey" 2008  *This video has the best use of a record store.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring Street Signs

1. Joey Bada$$ feat. CJ Fly - "Hardknock" 2012  *They get all up in the street signs.

2. Nas - "Made You Look" 2002  *This song is from the God's Son album, which is my favorite Nas album.

3. LL Cool J feat. Boyz II Men - "Hey Lover" 1995  *Classic mid-nineties Hip Hop and R and B combo.

4. The Beatles - "Penny Lane" 1967  *British street signs are so much classier than American street signs. In this video, The Beatles ride horses wherever they want.

5. Cat Power - "Manhattan" 2013  *Something deep inside me tells me that this is not cool, yet, I like it anyway.

6. Anthony Hamilton - "Comin' From Where I'm From" 2003  *I never really had an Anthony Hamilton phase, but, this song has always stood out as quality.

7. Midnight Star - "Operator" 1984  *Every phone in this video has a cord, even the giant phone.

8. Uptown XO - "Spread Love" 2013  *This song is just okay, it feels like it is missing something. Maybe the beat needs one more level or maybe it is perfect for someone else. It doesn't suck bad enough for me to leave it off the blog though.

9. MC Lyte - "Brooklyn" 2008  *The first 33 seconds of this video is actually Flying Lotus' "Tea Leaf Dancers" which is much better than the "Brooklyn" song. MC Lyte goes for the Jamaican (or some other) accent in this unfortunately weak comeback tune.

10. New Order - "Regret" 1993  *There are many other things going on in this video besides street signs and it all happens so quickly.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring Opening Shots of Record Players

1.DJ Shadow - "Midnight In A Perfect World" 1996  *This is my all-time favorite song.


2. Lenny Kravitz - "Thinking Of You" 1998  *Lenny is totally nippin' out in this video.

3. Eels - "Novocaine For The Soul" 1996  *Everyone is floating in this video.

4. A Tribe Called Quest - "Can I Kick It?" 1990  *A Tribe Called Quest actually kick large letters which spell the word "it" in this video. Rad.

5. Quasimoto - "Rappcats" 2005  *Not surprising that a Madlib video would begin with a shot of a record player.

6. Lauryn Hill - "Everything Is Everything" 1998  *Not a traditional record player.

7. Kid Cudi feat. MGMT - "Pursuit Of Happiness" 2009  *I like that the people at the party are in slow motion and he isn't. It makes it seem like he has a superpower.

8. Pep Love - "Hip Hop My Friend" 2012  *The sample in this song is incredible.

9. DJ Shadow - "Walkie Talkie" 2003  *Animated record player.

10. Gang Starr - "Mass Appeal" 1994  *I love that Gang Starr and friends goes to a wintry beach in this video.

CONCLUSION: Music videos featuring opening shots of record players are really great songs.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bombay The Hard Way

This is a project instigated by Dan The Automator in which he remixes the music from Kalyanji and Anandji who make soundtracks for Bollywood movies (among other things I'm sure). Bombay The Hard Way (1998) is the first part of this project. DJ Shadow played a small part in this project also (small drum sample). My favorite song from this album is "Punjabis, Pimps, and Players" which is difficult to find on YouTube. My second favorite is "Satchidananda".

and third favorite is "My Guru".

The second album in this two-album series is called Bombay 2:Electric Vindaloo (2001). I just found this on vinyl a few weeks ago and have been overplaying "Third World Lover" which is by Kid Koala and Dynomite D.


*These two records are some of my most prized possessions (along with all of my other vinyl and my car). Dan The Automator is one of my favorite musicians. You can link to some of his other music on the right side of the screen.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring Carnival Scenes

1. Aesop Rock - "Homemade Mummy" 2012  *I really don't like this song that much, however, I love this video because you can see Aesop Rock smiling.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Soul To Squeeze" 1993  *From the Coneheads soundtrack. This is one of my favorite RHCP songs because I was never into their earlier funky punky stuff.

3. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - "Lost In Emotion" 1987  *Full-on eighties carnival action.

4. Gang Starr feat. Nice and Smooth - "Dwyck" 1994  *Atlantic City is not a carnival, but, there is a ferris wheel.

5.  Huey Lewis and the News - "If This Is It" 1984  *I wonder if "The News" resented Huey because he didn't have to get buried in the sand.

6. Bruce Springsteen - "Tunnel Of Love" 1987  *He rhymes blouse with farmhouse. It totally works.

7. The Internet - "Cocaine" 2011  *I love that she is making music but cocaine is an ugly drug.

8. Stones Throw Singers feat. Peanut Butter Wolf - "Rain Of Earth" 2006  *I deeply appreciate Peanut Butter Wolf for his many talents and contributions. Singing is not one of the talents I am referring to.

9. Joan Osborne - "One Of Us" 1995  *Definitely NOT cool, but, it was probably scandalous when it came out (which can be cool).

10. Outkast - "The Whole World" 2001  *Not surprising that Outkast would have a carnival video.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring Color-Morphing People

1. Fiona Apple - "Sleep To Dream" 1996  *This beat is amazing.

2. Don't Talk To The Cops! "Laos! Laos! Laos! Laos!" 2012 (SEATTLE)  *This video stars the coolest lady in Seattle. This band puts on an incredible show.

3. Deltron 3030 - "Mastermind" 2000  *This is the song that inspired this category.

4. Das Racist - "Rainbow In The Dark" 2009  *Kool A.D. is naked for a lot of this video, his manhood is covered by a boombox though.

5. Earth, Wind, And Fire - "Let's Groove" 1981  *Contrary to unpopular belief, they are not saying "hecka smooth" in this song.

6. Phil Collins - "In The Air Tonight" 1981  *Phil Collins was cool. If he wasn't, Members Only jackets might not have been remembered so fondly.

7. Madlib - "Falling" from the Dudley Perkins album A Lil' Light (Instrumentals) (2003 Song / 2011 Video)  *This song is rad.

8. Beastie Boys - "So What'cha Want" 1992  *Legendary status.

9. Kool A.D. - "Eroika" 2013  *Kool A.D. takes us on another stony adventure. This video/song mentions Justin Bieber, Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks, Madonna, Al Qaeda, and Garfield. He also puts a bunch of weed in the video girl's mouth.

10. TLC - "Waterfalls" 1994  *This one is kind of a stretch.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring Aircraft

1. Tears For Fears - "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" 1985

2. Mark Morrison - "Return Of The Mack" 1996

3. Smashing Pumpkins - "Tonight, Tonight" 1995

4. Dr. Octagon - "Blue Flowers" 1996

5. The Jets - "Crush On You" 1985  *At some point, I cut up my The Jets cassette art to make it into a Barbie poster. What was I thinking?

6. Stardust - "Music Sounds Better With You" 1998

7. Tom Petty - "Learning To Fly" 1991  *I prefer finding surprise aircraft in songs that aren't about flying, but Tom Petty is worth it.

8. Primitive Radio Gods - "Standing Outside A Broke Phone Booth With Money In My Hand" 1996  *It is so nineties, they just don't make songs about phone booths anymore.

9. Thaddeus David - "Blank Check" 2012 (SEATTLE)  *A Where's Waldo airplane.

10. Gorillaz - "On Melancholy Hill" 2010  *Animated airplanes.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten Photos I Took With My Phone

1. Not Just A Rock
2. Seattle Women's Restroom Series Part I
3. Stevens Pass

4. Columbia River Rocks
5. Fort Warden
6. Fort Warden
7. Montana Gift Shop
8. Dinosaur National Monument

9. Snowy Moss
10. Mt. Si

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ten More Music Videos featuring Fire

1. Mobb Deep - "Survival Of The Fittest" 1995  *In this video you can see prime examples of "get hyped rap dancing" (I just made that up, I put it in quotes because I do whatever I want).

2. Madness - "Our House" 1982  *The fire is an ironing mishap.
3. Madlib - "Take It Back" 2006  *Animated fire still counts.
4. Salt-N-Pepa - "Do You Want Me" 1990  *This video has some awesome early nineties fashion. For example, knee length spandex with shorter baggy shorts...in the same outfit.
5. Everything But The Girl - "Wrong" 1996  *In this video Tracey Thorn decides to sit in a burning chair. This song is from the Walking Wounded album, which is incredible.
6. The Roots - "Distortion To Static" 1994  *From the album Do You Want More?!!!??!
7. Sade - "Soldier Of Love" 2010  *With this song, Sade showed us that she's still got it (no surprise there).
8. INXS - "Not Enough Time" 1992  *This video also contains rotating heads, clocks, staircases, confetti, underwater scenes, wind, and a lady in a fishnet outfit. I love this song.
9. Dave Dub - "Superfly" 2012  *I would like this song more if it was an instrumental.
10. Queen - "Under Pressure" 1981  *This video also contains monsters, destruction of old buildings, backwards scenes, old footage, and the Statue Of Liberty; but, Queen does not appear in this video.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ten Great Songs Without Music Videos Part II

1. DJ Shadow - "What Does Your Soul Look Like [Part 3]) 1998  *This song starts off quiet and slow and builds into greatness.

2. Jehst - "England" 2011 (UK HIP HOP)  *In this song we are able to hear how underground British rappers are using their music to criticize their government.

3. RJD2 - "Ghostwriter" 2002  *It's the old hotness.

4. Blackalicious - "Swan Lake" 1994  *The song is worth waiting out the long intro.

5. DJ Cam - "Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens" 1994  *I think this is one of those songs that sounds fresh every time.

6. Martina Topley-Bird - "Sandpaper Kisses" 2003  *This is the visuals for Portishead's "Only You" but with Martina Topley-Bird's audio.

7. Murs - "I Hate Your Boyfriend" 2000  *This song is hilarious and if you listen to it, you may learn a new way of hugging.

8. Mikky Ekko - "Pull Me Down (Emperor Remix)" 2012  *Another great remix found on the Pigeons and Planes website.

9. DJ Krush - "On The Dub-ble" 1994  *Another of my all-time favorites.

10. The Weeknd - "The Morning" 2011  *One of the songs that allowed me to see past the hype and actually appreciate The Weeknd.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring Boats

Here's a YouTube playlist of ALL the Boat Music Videos I've found so far. #YouTubeNchill

1. DJ Vadim - "Black Is The Night" 2007  These people are on a boat and seemingly on drugs. This is one of those songs that I always put on mix cds when I want to show how much great music isn't played on the radio.

2. The Notorious B.I.G. - "Hypnotize" 1997  Biggie and Puffy immediately come to mind when brainstorming videos with boats in them.

3. Jennifer Lopez - "Jenny From The Block" 2002  I love the Beatnuts sample. She pretty much kicks ass, get it J. Lo.

4. The Lonely Island feat. T-Pain - "I'm On A Boat" 2009  This makes me cringe a lot. Andy Samberg is definitely cool though. Fortunately, this is supposed to be ridiculous...because it is. T-Pain is NOT COOL (all caps to be clear).

5. Depeche Mode - "Precious" 2005  Computer animated boats still count as boats. This is one of those new era Depeche Mode songs that is actually as great as their older stuff.

6. U2 - "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" 1984  My mom and uncles loved U2, so I got to listen to this a lot when I was a kid.

7. Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat, and Missy Elliott - "Ladies Night" 1997  Ladies night starts out on the water of course.

8. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Can't Hold Us" 2013  Whoa, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are taking over the world.

9. George Michael - "Careless Whisper" 1984  In the song, he is talking about dancing. In the video, PEOPLE ARE DOING IT!

10. Culture Club - "Karma Chameleon" 1983  We may never know why they chose to make this video a period piece on a paddle boat.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring Balloons

HERE are all ten videos on a YouTube playlist. #YouTubeNchill

1. The Weeknd feat. Drake - "The Zone" 2012  This video is the inspiration for this category. If this video didn't have so many balloons, I would have put it in the projector list.

2. Nena - "99 Luft Ballons"  1984  Naturally, this video would have to be included.

3. Tom Petty - "Runnin' Down A Dream" 1989  Animated balloons still count. I make the rules here.

4. Phoenix - "Lisztomania" 2009  Sometimes I like these guys and other times I can't believe that I like them. All of their songs sound the same, yet, I only like a few of them. Hmmm.

5. Craig David - "Seven Days" 2000  Craig David tells us about his crazy week of lovin'. It starts when she asks him what time it is. A classic pickup line, but, these days if someone doesn't know what time it is, it likely means that they are too broke to have a phone.

6. Aloe Blacc - "I Need A Dollar" 2010  I sincerely hope that Aloe Blacc is no longer in need of a dollar. These days 23 million + YouTube views and an HBO theme song should equal at least that.

7. Mellowhype - "La Bonita" 2012  This video also has a monkey, a scorpion, and a bird. I love these guys even though I hardly ever listen to them.

8. Salt 'N Pepa - "Twist and Shout" 1988  For some reason, it's hilarious that they covered this song.

9. Vanity 6 - "Drive Me Wild" 1982  Even though this video contains girls in eighties lingerie, it still manages to be kind of boring. The balloon party starts at 3:29.

10. Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg - "Dre Day" 1993  When I see a balloon in a music video, I get all excited. It's the same with chickens, rodents, and tons of other random shit; which you know if you have seen this blog before. This video was from an era when Dr. Dre and Eazy-E were not on good terms (this song came out 2 years before Eazy-E died).

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ten More Black and White Videos

1. Primal Scream - "Movin' On Up" 1991  *My mom had this cassette, she is cool.

2. Lady - "Get Ready" 2013  *Lady consists of Nicole Wray (worked with Missy Elliott's Supa Dupa Fly etc.) and Terri Walker (a British R and B singer). [Sidenote: Truly ridiculous that Blogger is unable to correctly incorporate the "and symbol" into blogs.] It is good solid music, I just don't hear myself listening to it that often.

3. MC Lyte - "Cha Cha Cha" 1989  *I didn't listen to MC Lyte in 1989 when I was eleven, but, I can now appreciate her for being a cool lady. My Lyte intro was "Ruffneck" in 1993.

4. Indiana - "Bound" 2013  *For me this song has three sections. The first lasts until 1:13 during which I wonder if this song will get a little better. The second part is from 1:13 to 2:16 in which I think maybe this song is pretty good. The third part from 2:16 to the end, I change the song because I don't like where the song goes. This can all be summed up by the YouTube comment for the video stating, "this song needs a good remix!"

5. Captain Murphy - "The Killing Joke" 2013  *Naturally Captain Murphy (aka Flying Lotus) would take lipstick to the next level.

6. L'Orange feat. Blu - "Alone" 2013  *I have no idea if there are actually any samples of vintage music, but, it sounds like it and that is cool. I briefly tried to research L'Orange and only found out that a French artist named Gilbert Bécaud had a song named "L'Orange" in 1964 which doesn't really sound like this.

7. Lyrics Born feat. Joyo Velarde - "Bad Dreams" 2003  *I don't love this song but I think Lyrics Born is great. My favorite part about him and the rest of Quannum in this era was that it was some of the only new music I was able to find when I was living in the mountains between 1997-2003. I was living in Lake Tahoe when this album came out so it wasn't unreasonable to find Bay Area music in the Tahoe City music stores. I know it sounds crazy but in 2003...I didn't even have a computer!

8. Amy Winehouse - "Just Friends" 2008  *Dear Amy, thank you for making great music.

9. Fugees - "Vocab" 1994  *I, like many others, didn't hear this album until I had already overplayed their 1996 album The Score. Wyclef's part starting at 2:19 is almost surprising because of his octave changes and bugged out eyes. The rest of the song is so relaxing and then he takes it somewhere kinda crazy.

10. The Beatles - "Day Tripper" 1965  *I love that these Beatles videos exist.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ten Music Videos With Space Suits Or Haz-Mat Suits

1. Lootpack - "Whenimondamic" 1999  Madlib, Wildchild, and DJ Romes are/were the members of Lootpack. I love that they are wearing space suits in a desert that looks like Joshua Tree. This album is awesome.

2. Dark Time Sunshine - "Sleestack Payback and All Aboard" 2010  This is the video that made me want to start this category. Zavala and Onry make a great team.

3. Daft Punk - "Around The World" 1997  Of course Daft Punk has to be on this list. I haven't liked much of their music since their first album Homework but millions of others have.

4. The Postal Service - "Such Great Heights" 2003  I first heard this song in a snowboard movie called Lame. I don't like much other Postal Service music but this song is great.

5. Common feat. Lily Allen - "Drivin' Me Wild" 2007  Common pairs nicely with almost any female artist. Lily Allen is cool.

6. Eric B and Rakim - "I Know You Got Soul" 1987  This song samples the Jackson 5 (among others) and the video uses a bunch of old footage including real astronauts in space suits.

7. Jin - "Shoot For The Moon" 2011  I really dislike this song but I shoot for the moon myself so I can relate to this dude. Jin's song "Top 5 Dead Or Alive" is my shit though; it's on a list of videos filmed in record stores.

8. Salt 'N Pepa - "Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing" 1995  These ladies are definitely cool.

9. Hopie feat. Del The Funky Homosapien - "Space Case" 2011  This video is definitely worth watching, if only to see Del working with a female artist. The video also contains pajamas and floating stuff.

10. Strange U - "Klaatu Barada Nikto" 2013  (UK HIP HOP)  This is the alter ego/next level of Kashmere the Iguana Man, who I found by listening to other UK Hip Hop on Spotify. I still like "Permission To Board" (click on Kashmere the Iguana Man on right side) more but it is cool that he is progressing and changing his style, because why not. That reminds me of a facebook quote about how life is like riding a bicycle; if you're not moving forward you fall over.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring American Flags

1. Joey Bada$$ and Capital STEEZ - "Survival Tactics" 2012  *I love that these young'ins are using their music as social commentary and not just inspiring kids to do drugs. They are cool. Capital STEEZ will live on through the music he made while he was alive and through the rest of Pro Era.

2. OutKast - "Roses" 2003  *This video is ten years old...crazy. The moral of the story is that chicks don't like guys who fight, they would rather go home with their gay guy friends.

3. De La Soul - "Me, Myself, and I" 1989  *Warning, this video contains simulated death by vinyl. Overall, this is a very upbeat and positive video so don't be scared.

4. STRFKR - "Atlantis" 2013  *The main idea of this video is that you see a lot of crazy shit when you go jogging in L.A..

5. Ginuwine - "Pony" 1996  *It is hilarious that this video takes place in a cowboy bar.

The actual video has recently been unofficially replaced by this video of questionable quality.

6. Blu - "Doin' Nothin'" 2011  *My brain tells me that this is an interesting song, my ear tells me to listen to something else.

7. Del The Funky Homosapien - "Mistadobalina" 1991  *This flag is Where's Waldo style.

8. Pearl Jam - "Jeremy" 1991  *Pearl Jam was definitely cool in 1991.

9. Joey Bada$$ - "Unorthodox" 2013  *This guy is 18 years old and his song is produced by DJ Premier. You can't get much cooler than that.

10. Symmetry - "Streets Of Fire" Song 2011/Video 2013  *This is a portion of a full length music movie by Alastair Uhlig with music by Johnny Jewel (of Chromatics, Glass Candy, and Desire). Sadly, the video cannot be placed on Blogger. You can watch it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXx69K8Efdw