Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The New Hotness Vol. 2

These have all been added to the New Hotness YouTube playlist...and I love them. #YouTubeNchill

1. L'Orange + Mr. Lif - "The Gentle End" 2017  I love this duo...a lot.

2.  Lizzo - "Scuse Me" 2017  Lizzo is Queen Supreme. Go see her live on this tour if possible, you will not regret it. Her show at The Crocodile couldn't have been more amazing.

3. Missy Elliott feat. Lamb - "I'm Better" 2017  Speechless but glad she never left.

4. Matt Martians feat. Syd + Steve Lacy - "Dent Jusay" 2017  This is from Matt Martian's (of The Internet) upcoming album, The Drum Chord Theory.

5. Lou Phelps feat. Kallitechnis - "Average" 2017 (Produced by Kaytranada)  Okay Player always comes through and Lou Phelps remains chillin'.

This happened at work one day last year...

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6. L'Orange + Mr. Lif - "Strange Technology" 2016  This song made it to my Currently Overplaying list; was just pleasantly surprised to see there's a video. Even though it sounds like him, Aesop Rock is not the guest emcee on this song;  Akrobatik and Gonjasufi are the costars.

7. Swet Shop Boys - (Heems + Riz MC) - "Zayn Malik" 2017  So glad to have discovered this duo; may they safely and swiftly get through every border crossing they come across.

8. Jessie Reyez - "Shutter Island" 2017  This song/video has so many feels in the best way, be prepared. I love her.

9. Jamiroquai - "Automaton" 2017  At first listen, this song is a little cringeworthy at spots but the video is wicked. Plus, I really love the word "Automaton" because it reminds me of the movie Hugo and Dan The Automator. That said, I will likely never watch this video or listen to the song again.

10. Mayer Hawthorne - "Time For Love" 2017  Mayer Hawthorne is winning at life. #fuxwiththetux

11. Gavlyn + DJ Hoppa - "We On" 2017  She keeps getting better and better. Gavlyn first appeared on this site in 2013 on a compilation of Music Videos with Rooftop Scenes.