Sunday, June 30, 2013

Prince Paul

I missed this 2002 compilation completely. I only found it by searching Prince Paul in the Seattle Public Library website. This project also included De La Soul, Phife Dawg, and Coolio among others. Prince Paul's contribution makes me think that maybe I should watch more cartoons..

Here's Prince Paul with some Tic Tacs.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eight Music Videos featuring Card Games

1. TLC - "Red Light Special" 1994  *The TLC ladies got male models to dance in their underwear while they play cards, because they could.

2. Shaggy - "It Wasn't Me" 2000  *In this song Shaggy dishes out horrible relationship advice to his singer friend.

3. Tony Toni Toné and DJ Quik - "Let's Get Down" 1996  *Raphael Saadiq exposes his secret life as a poker hustler in this video.

4. Quasimoto - "Bus Ride" (Song 2005 / Video 2011)  *This fan-made video surprisingly does not take place on a bus even though it is called "Bus Ride".

5. LL Cool J - "Going Back To Cali" 1989  *Card games with Rick Rubin!

6. Sade - "Your Love Is King" 1984  *Even with visual proof, it is still hard to imagine Sade as a card shark. Then again, I believe Sade can do anything.

7. Slum Village - "Climax (Girl Shit)" 2000  *Dilla and Gary Coleman together, immortalized in music video.

8. Heavy D and the Boyz - "Now That We Found Love" 1991  *There are many colorful raincoats in this video, no rain though.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Two Great Little Dragon Fan Videos

These videos are all from the same person's YouTube channel. Tahnee Udero has mastered the art of matching old movies with Little Dragon songs.

1. Little Dragon - "Please Turn" 2011  *I really think this dancing at people thing would work extremely well in a library. This video is made with scenes from the 1962 film "Vivre Sa Vie" (My Life to Live) with Anna Karina.

2. Little Dragon - "Ritual Union" 2011  *Rita Hayworth kills it as the star of a Little Dragon video. This video is made from the 1959 movie Science Friction.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Five Reasons Why I Want To Go To Bristol

I have a thing for Bristol, there seems to be something in the water that creates just the kind of art that I love. I shall go drink the water.

1. Massive Attack 

Here is a picture of the two current members of Massive Attack looking as if they are questioning the motives of the photographer.
My favorite Massive Attack song is "Protection".


2. Portishead

It is hard to find words to describe how much I love Portishead, so I will just tell you that I love them.

Here is a video of Portishead at their finest ("Roads" Roseland NYC Live).

I recently learned that Portishead was (and still is) a place near Bristol before it was an incredible band.

3. Banksy

Banksy is only the most famous of the street artists in Bristol. Street art in Bristol has become one of its greatest assets, they even offer tours which focus on Banksy and the others. I think Banksy is great because he created an international phenomenon just by being himself, even if he didn't mean to.

Here is a short documentary on Banksy called B Movie, which appeared as a bonus feature on Exit Through The Gift Shop.

There are tons of Banksy books, but, I am reading this one right now.

4. Tricky

Tricky, formerly of Massive Attack, is one of those artists whose genius most makes me want to drink the Bristol water.

Here is an old favorite Tricky song, "Overcome", off of his amazing Maxinquaye album.

Here is a new favorite Tricky song, "Nothing's Changed", off of his new album False Idols (which I haven't heard yet in its entirety).

5. New Era Bristol Hip Hop

This is Dirty Dike.

For now, Dirty Dike will serve as the prototypical Bristol Hip Hopper (sorry to the rest of you). From watching Dirty Dike videos, I realized that these guys likely party way harder than I ever could. It would, however, be extremely entertaining to see them in action.

Here are two Dirty Dike videos to drive the point home.

"Pork Pie"

"Ten Dike Commandments"

Maybe all this energy is coming from cocaine, but, I have to see this live.

Datkid is another one of Bristol's younger artists. Here he is (on the left) with Dee Green (right).

Here is one of Datkid's music videos in which he shows off his probation ankle bracelet.

One of the main reason I like these Bristol(ian?) artists is because of the beats. I have a ton of respect for these guys and only describe their wacky antics because I think it is part of what makes them special. I also realize that these two are a very small example of what Bristol has to offer. Please help me to find more great Hip Hop from the area if you know how to find it.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


SBTRKT feat. Sampha - "Never Never" 2011  *There is something about the first 39 seconds of this song, I'll be sure to let you know when I figure it out.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seven More Photos I Took With My Phone

1. Rialto Beach, WA
2. Second Beach (La Push, WA)
3. West Seattle
4. Oregon Coast
5. Alki Beach

6. Channel Orange...Now With More Texture!
7.  Newport, OR

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ten In-Studio Music Videos

1. INXS - "Mystify" 1987  *INXS just isn't INXS without Michael Hutchence.

2. Grayskul - "Come On" 2013  (SEATTLE)  *These guys have their rap faces down.

3. Portishead - "Chase The Tear" 2009  *Amazing.

4. Kendrick Lamar - "Cut You Off" 2010  *From this I learned that when Kendrick cut off the negative energy of others, he was able to make Good Kid, Maad City.

5. Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, TLC, MC Lyte, Nefertiti, Salt-N-Pepa, Patra, and Meshell Ndegeocello - "Freedom" 1995 (Panther Soundtrack)  *Female supercrew jam.

6. The Beatles - "Let It Be" 1969  *Holy shit, this is good.

7. Foals - "Milk and Black Spiders" 2013  *Sometimes I like this, sometimes I just want it to be over.

8. The Police - "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" 1981  *This video is 32 years old, crazy.

9. I.N.I. (Pete Rock, Rob-O, I Love H.I.M., Grap Luva) - "Fakin' Jax" Recorded 1995/Released 2003  *I just found this song in the last month and have already overplayed it.

10. Radiohead - "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" 2007  *I am not ashamed by my love for Radiohead.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seven Music Videos featuring Liquor

1. Mayer Hawthorne - "Green Eyed Love" 2011  *This is one of my favorite Mayer Hawthorne songs. I wonder if he is actually as smooth as he seems.

2. Thaddeus David - "Crown Royal" 2011  (SEATTLE)  *This may be an accurate representation of what rapper parties are like; more smoky than blingy.

3. Ghostpoet - "Cash And Carry Me Home" 2010 (UK HIP HOP) *It's no "Meltdown" but it's still pretty great.

4. Jay-Z feat. Pharrell - "Excuse Me Miss" 2003  *This song is still great ten years later.

5. Dirty Dike - "Consequences" 2013 (UK HIP HOP) *This was the first time I ever saw Dirty Dike get serious.

6. Tone-Loc - "Funky Cold Medina" 1989  *These drinks have dry ice in them. Ballin'!

7. Grieves and Budo - "Pack It Up" 2011 (SEATTLE)  *This is another great music video by Griff J. The song is pretty good too.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dan The Automator

I kind of freaked out in the best way when I noticed this Dan the Automator beer. It even says Deltron 3030 on the side.

I was also pleased to see that a new Deltron 3030 (Del The Funky Homosapien, Kid Koala, Dan The Automator) song has been released from the upcoming sequel called Event II.

Here is an old favorite Automator/Lovage song "Everyone Has A Summer" from Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Def Dee


Def Dee will be releasing his new album 33 and a Third on July 23. "All It Takes" featuring Magestik Legend, Jamall Bufford, and Hassaan Mackey is available for free download on his bandcamp site.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring Fans

1. LL Cool J - "I Need Love" 1987  *These are screaming lady fans, very appropriate for LL Cool J.

2. Gang Starr - "Ex Girl To The Next Girl" 1992  *He sounds so cold-hearted when he says "next".

3. Monie Love - "It's A Shame (My Sister)" 1990  *They tied stuff to the fan so that we can see that the fan is working?

4. Fugees - "Nappy Heads" 1994  *This is from the album that wasn't The Score.

5. X-Clan - "A.D.A.M." 1992  *There are some giant necklaces in this video.

6. Disclosure - "When A Fire Starts To Burn" 2013  *Fake evangelism music video. Disclosure is from the UK.

7. Jessie Ware and Sampha - "Valentine" 2011  *I love both of these artists, but, when Sampha sings I get that "I can't believe how good this is" look on my face. I still think he sounds like a combo of Aaron Neville and James Blake.

8. Sophie B. Hawkins - "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" 1991  *I liked this song when I was too young to know what she was talking about...and I still do.

9. The Beatles - "In My Life" 1965  *Among their many other great accomplishments, The Beatles turned many normal teenage girls into screaming fans.

10. OutKast - "Hey Ya!" 2003  *More fans of the screaming girl variety.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shabazz Palaces

Seattle is very fortunate to be the home of such musical genius. This is a newly released video for "An Echo from the Hosts that Profess Infinitum" from their 2011 album Black Up.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ten Whistling Songs

1. Guns n' Roses - "Patience" 1989  *This is the best whistling song. It is difficult for me to whistle for very long because I start smiling, then it's all over.

2. Peter, Bjorn, and John - "Young Folks" 2006  *This is probably the new "it" whistling song.

3. General Elektriks - "Raid The Radio" 2009  *It seems like it would be hard to dance this much while simultaneously playing so many instruments.

4. ApSci - "Crazy Crazy Insane" 2009  *I really wanted to like this band (they are on Quannum Projects) but I haven't liked any of their music yet.

5. Scorpions - "Winds Of Change" 1991  *This is the favorite Scorpions song for people who aren't fans of the Scorpions. I work with a metal dude who thinks this song sucks, I think it's the jam.

6. The Black Keys - "Tighten Up" 2010  *This is the other new hotness of whistling songs.

7. The Lovin' Spoonful - "Daydream" 1966  *Classic whistling action.

8. John Lennon - "Jealous Guy" Recorded 1971/Released 1985  *Whistling genius.

9. Otis Redding - "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" 1968  *Now, this is a whistle.

10. Bjork - "Isobel" 1995  *This whistling isn't as in your face as some of the others, but, it's there.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Nine Music Videos featuring Elevators

1. Mary J. Blige - "Real Love" 1992  *Even when she is wearing a bustier, she still manages to keep it sporty.

2. Luscious Jackson - "Naked Eye" 1996  * This is from the Fever In Fever Out album. The video has Max Perlich (actor) in it who was also in Young MC's "Bust A Move", 80s movie Can't Buy Me Love, Buffy, and Alice In Chains' "No Excuses" (in case you were wondering).

3. MC Lyte feat. Missy Elliott - "Cold Rock A Party (Bad Boy Remix)" 1996  * "I rock the leather trench coat that rocks the party" -not an MC Lyte quote

4. Jay-Z - "Girls, Girls, Girls" 2001  *Jay-Z shares his girls exclusively with Biz Markie.

5. Usher feat. Nicki Minaj - "Lil Freak" 2010  *This elevator is a babe trap.

6. Mono - "Life In Mono" 1996  *Even if the song is pretty good, the video gets ridiculous quickly when you notice the singer is just writhing around the whole time.

7. Color Me Badd - "I Wanna Sex You Up" 1991  *Looking back, it is definitely weird for a 13 year old to be singing along to this song.

8. Drake - "Headlines" 2011  *Drake only wears glasses when he is riding in an elevator (false fact).

9. The Whispers - "Rock Steady" 1987 *It's the old hotness.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Best Of Quannum Projects

After hearing DJ Shadow's Endtroducing (released on Mo Wax, not Quannum Projects in 1996), I felt the need to look into all Shadow-related music. Quannum Projects had been Solesides Records previously. Solesides first release was DJ Shadow's "Entropy" with Asia Born's (Lyrics Born) "Send Them" on the b-side. This is a compilation of Solesides greatest hits.

This is some of my favorite Quannum-related fan stuff.

Quannum has released a ton of great music since it originated, here are ten of my favorites in no particular order.

Poets Of Rhythm - "Discern/Define" 2001 

Blackalicious - "Swan Lake" 1994

Latyrx - "Lady Don't Tek No" 1997

Lifesavas - "Skeletons" 2003

Blackalicious - "Alphabet Aerobics" 1999

General Elektriks - "Tu M'intrigues" 2003

Lyrics Born feat. Joyo Velarde - "Love Me So Bad" 2003

Blackalicious - "Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb, And Blind"  1994

Latyrx - "Say That" 1997

Blackalicious feat. Floetry - "Automatique" 2005

You can check out the Quannum website here.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


AlunaGeorge is a duo from London,  Aluna Francis and George Reid. They first caught my attention with "Your Drums, Your Love". The video had a wolf looking creature made of mirrors (See Ten Music Videos Featuring Mirrors here), which is awesome. The song isn't as great as the video.

Then I came across their 2013 collaboration with Disclosure, "White Noise". I put it in the list for Eight Music Videos featuring Fierce Solo Dancing. I don't often like songs this dance-y, but, her vocals add the soul that is often lacking in electronic dance music; as a result, the song is fabulous.

Next, I found "Attracting Flies" and creating a list of Ten Music Videos featuring Literary References was the only option. This video manages to modernize multiple classic fairy tales in a three and a half minute video. Rapunzel grows weed in her tower with her eccentric lady friends. Little Red Riding Hood wears a red American Apparel hoodie, a tight red dress, and white sneakers. The Princess (and the Pea) has one of her anti-depressants under one of her many mattresses. A tattooed Prince kisses Sleeping Beauty to wake her. It is fucking awesome.

Most recently, I found the freshly hipped second version of her video "You Know You Like It" (originally released in 2011). There is something about this beat keeps me listening. Watch for the girl who has "rad" written on her forehead with hair @ 0:32. The "rad" hair girl is only one of the casually dressed (yet eccentric, hip, and unique) people at the empty pool party. I like how when they are dancing in a group of five, they look like they are chilling out and dancing at the same time.

Thank you, once again, to the Pigeons and Planes website, on which I found this and many other of my new favorite artists. Check out AlunaGeorge's website here. Their new album, Body Music, will be released on July 29.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Music Videos featuring Red Curtains

1. Lovage - "Stroker Ace" 2001  *This song is from one of my favorite Dan The Automator projects called Nathaniel Merriweather presents Lovage: Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By. I would buy Lovage brand sweetened condensed milk if I ever saw it (and it was real) for sure.

2. Violent Femmes - "American Music" 1991  *Violent Femmes phases are generally pretty embarrassing. Mine was very brief.

3. The Roots - "The Next Movement" 1999  *This album came out when I was living in Park City, Utah and I distinctly remember the living room in which I first heard it. It was/is that good.

4. The Fugees - "Killing Me Softly" 1996  *This song is amazing in all of its versions.

5. Wang Chung - "Dance Hall Days" 1984  *This song came on at work today and I lost all focus on work and could only think about how great this song is. All three of these guys are wearing monochromatic outfits with their sweaters tucked in. I didn't even remember that this was a thing. Shout out to the customer and the coworker who love this song as much as I do.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Five Music Videos featuring Clowns

1. DJ Kool - "Let Me Clear My Throat" 1996  *Clowns are weird everywhere, even nineties rap videos.

2. Fatlip - "What's Up Fatlip?" 2000  *I love that he is definitely not trying to be a tough guy. No one actually likes tough guys, at least I don't. He even lets kids kick him in the nuts, what a nice guy.

3. M.E.D. - "Blaxican" 2011  *Madlib produced Stones Throw release, it's aight.

4. Madvillain - "Fancy Clown" (Song 2004 / Video 2011)  *Another from the 2011 Stones Throw Video Contest, which was an incredible idea.
5. Stealers Wheel - "Stuck In The Middle With You" 1972  *This is one of those songs that I've always loved but never knew the artist until now. Seventies clowns are weird too.
CONCLUSION : Clowns are NOT the new hotness.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jessie Ware

I'm having my own Jessie Ware Appreciation Day. Here is how I came to appreciate her.

I first heard her on the SBTRKT song "Right Thing To Do".

If you haven't heard the self-titled SBTRKT album from 2011, you are truly missing out.

Album Standout Track "Wildfire" featuring Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon. (This video warns of the perils of dehydration)
A few years pass and I come across her video for "If You're Never Gonna Move" or "110%" (depending on what country you're in). When I find a pop song I like, it always surprises me. I put it on the list Ten Music Videos featuring Reflections, on which I'm afraid its quality could be overlooked because of the sheer mass of videos I put on my blog.

I came across her ridiculously cute video for "Sweet Talk". The use of kids in the video reminded me that we may all be better off if we were able to approach relationships as children do. They don't think about any of the baggage the other person may have, it depends purely on whether or not you appreciate the person's company (this revelation is still under construction). It's a pretty great song, but, I don't love it yet.

I got her album Devotion from the library.

I then decided that I love the first 25 seconds of "Swan Song", the rest of the song is pretty good but manages to get cheesy at some point.

For today, at least, I am into Jessie Ware.