Friday, November 25, 2016

Ten Music Videos With Great Location Scouts

Here's the link to all 10 videos on a YouTube playlist. #YouTubeNchill

1. Solange - "Cranes In The Sky" 2016  This wasn't intended to be a Solange video mixtape but she's been dominating the game and deserves all the praise she gets. "Cranes In The Sky" is art in it's highest form. The complementary wardrobe/location combos in this video had me taking deep breaths with my hand on my heart; this is good. Mad props to the whole team.

Directed by Alan Ferguson and Solange Knowles
Art and Creative Direction Solange Knowles and Carlota Guerrero
Director of Photography Arthur Jafa & Alan Ferguson
Edited by Solange Knowles & Russell Santos
Produced by Eli Cane

2. The Last Artful, Dodgr + Neill Von Tally - "Jelly Hunt" 2016  PORTLAND MUSIC  The Last Artful, Dodgr recently appeared on Sway's Universe and it was epic. Surprised that no mention was made of the EYRST crew but I'm sure they had their reasons. I highly recommend watching all of the videos on the Eyrst YouTube channel, you will not be disappointed.

3. Wiki feat. Nasty Nigel - "Livin' With My Moms" 2015  You would think that a music video about living with your mom would be about being lazy on the couch but I love that they went a completely different direction. I really fuck with music videos with storylines and they nailed it.

4. Sevdaliza - "Human" 2016  I honestly feel like I've been failing at music because I just discovered Sevdaliza a few days ago. The song alone can transport you to another land but the visuals prove that the other land may just be one pair of shoes away. Mad props to the wardrobe team and everyone else involved in this project, peep the full credits on the YouTube link.

5. Jamie XX - "Gosh" 2016  The story behind this music video is as inspiring as the finished product; the making of video was featured on Pitchfork. What I thought had to be CGI turned out to be an actual city in China (Hangzhou, Zhejiang) that has it's own replica Eiffel Tower combined with a 400 person cast, a Subaru, a budget, and a team of creative masterminds.

6. Solange - "Don't Touch My Hair" 2016  The story of the impetus of the song in the words of the artist herself:

It was 10 minutes into my 27th birthday when it happened.

I was at a lounge in Cape Town with my cousin and another friend having drinks. South African house music blared from the speakers in the establishment with a mixed crowd of Black and white party goers. By this point in the night, I was more than content with wrapping things up (washed) but it was my birthday so you know, you only live once, so I stuck it out.

While sitting at the bar, a white woman came up and tried to grab my drink. She was likely drunk. Not sure. Don’t care. Why are you touching what’s not yours? I stopped her and then she smiled and tried to play it off by joking with my cousin and I. A couple minutes later, she pets my fro.

I texted my friend back in the states. “I can’t believe some white lady just patted my hair in Africa, f――ing Africa!”

“WTF!” my friend responded.

This is just one instance of many ways black people are seen as a spectacle, exhibit or costume in the eyes of our white supremacist society and aren’t seen as fellow human beings who should be felt, understood and loved.

7. Statik Selektah feat. Action Bronson + Joey Bada$$ - "Beautiful Life" 2015  It really is a beautiful life; Action Bronson proves it over and over with every video he releases (see below). Fuck That's Delicious is my authority on travel at the moment and I am headed to this market in Barcelona at the end of the year. I love that Statik Selektah gets the main credit because producers bring too much to the table to not get the shine they deserve. I could gush about Joey Bada$$ again but instead I'll link you to my video from his last show in Seattle.

8. Destiny - "Orange Blossom" 2015  Destiny has evolved into Princess Nokia, I am all about following your creative whims to the ends of the earth. Props to her and her journey. Carnival rides = good vibes; unless of course, clowns are involved.

9. Grimes X HANA - "The AC!D Rain Chronicles {Director's Cut}" 2016 Grimes' musical evolution has been a blessing to both my eyes and ears; that said, this album sounds like super poppy Enya which doesn't really work for me. Even though I don't like the music personally, this project is amazing and now feel like I want to spend a few years traveling around the world filming all kinds of everything (this is not new). I hope she continues to stay weird and that she inspires everyone to make something.

From the creative and adventurous multi-tasking musician herself...

10. Solange - "Lovers In The Parking Lot" 2013  This proof that Solange has been doing cool shit since way before we were paying attention. Here's the link to the making of the video, courtesy of the The Creators Project. The video link on their website may give you a reason to cancel your Netflix for a month.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ten More Music Videos with Bridges

HERE's the link to ALL the bridge music videos on a YouTube playlist. #YouTubeNchill

1. Mat Randol - "North Of Nowhere (Short Film)" 2016  PORTLAND MUSIC One of the many gems of the Portland scene. The Greater NW Music website does a great job of covering both Seattle and Portland artists; check em.

2. Nas - "Nas Is Like" 1999  When I had the pleasure of seeing Nas perform at Moore Theater in Seattle, he was alone onstage with his DJ... as it should be.

3. Grynch x Wizdom x Fearce Vill - "My City's Filthy" 2014 (Produced by D-Sane) SEATTLE MUSIC This city really is filthy.

4. Homeboy Sandman - "Stroll" 2014  He can do no wrong in my eyes; I even love that he has Lice. The project combines artists from two of my favorite record labels; Rhymesayers x Stones ThrowKindness For Weakness is one of my favorite albums of the year; "Eyes" is the cut.

5. Black Coffee - "Come With Me" feat. Mque 2016  Black Coffee was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award at the South African Music Awards back in June.

6. Grimes - "REALiTi" 2015  She is doing a great job of owning it these days. I love this.

7. Wizdumb feat. Silas Blak - "Rap Class" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC This Silas Blak verse though.

8. M.I.A. - "Sunshowers" 2005  Treehouse bridge for the win.

9. Show + AG - "Next Level" (DJ Premier Remix) 1995  This remains to be one of the best songs I've ever heard.

10. Kaytranada feat. Syd - "You're The One" 2016  My heart swells with warm thoughts for all parties involved in the making of this song and video, thank you for making music!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Joey Bada$$ + Schoolboy Q LIVE at WaMu Theater in Seattle, WA feat. @theringofdoom

Joey Bada$$ manages to be simultaneously wise beyond his years and a youthful spirit that crowds literally faint for. A Joey Bada$$ performance is a must have experience for anyone who thinks Hip Hop is dead. Schoolboy Q is aight too, @theringofdoom approves.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ten Animated Music Videos Part V

Hey! I made you this photoshop collage of images from each of the videos on the list; all images are blatantly hijacked (I'll gladly remove the artist's image if they ask). I've also made you a YouTube playlist of all 50 of the animated videos I've featured on the website so far. I started making the YouTube playlists because I prefer music videos to television.

1. Ripley Snell - "Underworld Series" - [GTA V Short Film / Music Video] 2016  Ripley Snell and the Eyrst crew of Portland are the most interesting movement of art since Stones Throw and Brainfeeder. I've been fortunate to book him in Seattle with Grape God as Wine + Coffee for a Home Slice at The Crocodile Back Bar. One of my favorite things I've ever done was to set up a show in Portland at The Know with Wine + Coffee, DoNormaal, OCnotes, Raven Matthews, and Snugsworth.

2. Shabazz Palaces - "Forerunner Foray" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC  These guys are light years beyond the label Seattle Music; so much so that typing it above almost felt like an insult. That said, their presence in our city is a blessing to us all. I'm confident the Black Constellation's legacy will be comparable to that of the legendary supercrew, Soulquarians. It is already to those who are paying attention.

3. BOOTS - "C.U.R.E." 2015  This video is a cinematic masterpiece. I haven't found another Boots song that I like yet but I'll keep checking back in because the video below is that awesome.

4. J'Von - "potato (animated short)" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  "a short animation featuring catman going thru stuff, i think idk. drawn, colored, animated, edited, produced, written, & scored by j'von." -J'Von's YouTube Credits

J'Von has been grinding away solo at these Catman based videos lately and the results made it all the way to FADER. In addition to the many talents listed above, J'Von is always on time. #hesthatclassy

5. Wiki - "3 Stories" (Produced by Kaytranada) 2016  I had the pleasure of working with both of these artists in the last few months at music venues in Seattle. Peep some of the footage in the video compilation I made. I've watched this video at least a dozen times; the Letter Racer team nailed it and Kaytranada and Wiki are at the top of their game.

6. Big Grams | Adult Swim - "Born To Shine" feat. Run The Jewels + "Run For Your Life" 2016  I love everything about Big Grams and this animated video is no exception. Plus, it's always a good idea to work with Run The Jewels; I'm hoping to do that myself someday. Adult Swim does a great job of keeping their finger on the pulse of the underground (and mainstream); that is not a compliment I give lightly.

7. Thundercat - "Song For The Dead" 2016  A huge thank you to the entire Brainfeeder team for blessing us with so much great art and inspiration.

8. Samiyam x Earl Sweatshirt - "Mirror" 2016  These two also did a "What's In My Bag" with the Amoeba team, check it out here. Earl Sweatshirt has managed to be that dude since before his mom made him quit rapping to finish high school.

9. MF DOOM - "GAS DRAWLS" 2016 (Video) This song originally appeared on the Operation: Doomsday album in 1999 and remains to inspire people to this very day. According to Rappcats, where I found this gem,"Animator Dustooned created a video for 'Gas Drawls,' taking inspiration from Doom’s album artwork, including much of Jason Jason illustrations for MM Food and the Metalface version of Operation Doomsday. The animation was created independently, and got the Doom stamp of approval just last week."

I can completely relate to Dustooned's inspiration because I have recently started an Instagram (@theringofdoom ) to document the adventures of my MF DOOM ring and have many plans to continue. It all started because I wanted to learn more about stop motion, iMovie, Reddit, Instagram, clay, fossils, petrified wood, and keeping it weird. TheRingOfDoom's Instagram is a story that can be read from the first post to the most current. The two of us are headed to Europe in December to investigate the street art and underground music communities...stay tuned.

10. Fashawn - "Confess" 2015  This video reminds me of Marley Marl's "The Symphony" in the best way; I it posted previously on a list of videos featuring fringe. Fashawn has been making great decisions with the people he surrounds himself with. When I saw him last, he was touring with Exile, Grandmaster of the MPC and the mega-talented video gawd Punit Dhesi.