Thursday, January 26, 2017

Eleven Music Videos with Extreme Close-Ups

Here's all the Extreme Close-Up videos I've found so far on a YouTube playlist. #YouTubeNchill

(Not the cover of a NIN album...yet)

1. Gorillaz feat. Benjamin Clementine - "Hallelujah Money" 2017  I've been Gorillaz fan since they dropped "Clint Eastwood" back in 2001 and will remain to be as long as I shall live. Benjamin Clementine's voice has haunted me (in the best way) since "Condolence;" love that Damon Albarn caught onto his magic.

2. Fink - "Looking Too Closely" 2014  Fink is one of the many bands I was blessed to discover while working at The Crocodile; they remain to be one of the nicest bands I've ever met. I had just watched the episode of Walking Dead in which their song "Warm Shadow" appears in the weeks before the show and had yet to figure out who the artist was; the timing was wicked.

3. Lusine - "Arterial" 2014  SEATTLE MUSIC  This video couldn't be more appropriate for the Extreme Close-Ups list. My intro to Lusine was seeing him perform at The Crocodile with Trent Moorman a few years back and I've been a fan ever since.

4. The Good Sin x 10.4 Rog - "All For You" 2011  SEATTLE MUSIC  Look closely at the photos they show us in the video, so many wonderful people included. 10.4 Rog has been killin it since...

5. Her - "Quite Like" 2015  NSFW  Skinemax 2015 style...with a better soundtrack. Still not into band names that are hard to google but this song is pretty good so I'll give em a pass.

6. Pharrell Williams - "Freedom" 2015  Check out the Business Ventures section of Pharrell's Wikipedia page to see how hard this man grinds to remain at the top. Good things happen to good people with a strong work ethic, thank you for the inspiration Pharrell!

7. Shabazz Palaces - "Dawn In Luxor" 2016  Stephan Gray nailed this video; no surprise there. Naturally, members of Black Constellation would have killer outer space videos. Shabazz Palaces opening for Radiohead remains to be one of the best things to happen in 2016.

8. DoNormaal feat. Raven Matthews - "50 Jasper Horses" (prod. IGNORVNCE) 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  I love that the horse got the shine it deserves, for real, look how shiny the horse's hair is at 0:19. Can't say enough good things about DoNormaal and Raven Matthews; they're ahead of the game in owning their uniqueness and speaking their minds. Their musical journey is the stuff of legends. #69/50

9. Phantogram - "You Don't Get Me High Anymore" 2016  Big ideas and big budgets for the win. There's only one Phantogram song that has earned Liz's Currently Overplaying status; the rest of their catalog doesn't really do it for me personally but I still fux with them.

10. Bloom - "Raindrops" 2016  This song literally slaps you in the face, can't figure out if that's a good thing yet. Pretty sure I'd never consume this song without the visuals but mad props to Bloom for making such a huge statement with her art.

11. Run The Jewels feat. Gangsta Boo - "Love Again" 2016  Run The Jewels are winning at life these days; their merch game is on point. Do as they do but continue to do you...or something. Here's hoping I give the *what's up headnod to these two in 2017. [*The what's up headnod is when you casually acknowledge the presence of someone you truly admire (and they do it back) but you don't actually meet them so no fangirling ensues. My favorite what's up headnods of 2016 were Joey Bada$$, Schoolboy Q, and Eddie Vedder.]

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The New Hotness Vol. 1

All these videos and many, many more appear on my (regularly updated) New Hotness YouTube playlist. It doesn't have to be new to be the new hotness, the only requirements are that I just found it and think it's awesome.

1. Coco Mamba - "Tell Me Bout It" 2017  These ladies take action about the unwanted advances of men, courtesy of Okay Player.

2. Like - "Miss Me With That" 2016  I found this via Okay Player after checking out their coverage of his latest video, "Lamped." The new single is pretty good but I like this four month old jam even better.

3. Gabriel Garzón-Montano - "Keep On Running" 2014  I checked out this guy's YouTube catalog after seeing/hearing his first Stones Throw single, "Crawl."

4. Kweku Collins - "Stupid Rose" 2016  Found this via the YouTube sidebar. Half of me likes this and half of me can't believe I'm watching it still. Decide for yourself.

5. Silent Lambs Project - "Mic Choke"  2002  SEATTLE MUSIC  I dug this classic up because Third Eye Bling helped me add Silent Lambs Project's "House Of Respect" to my Public Transportation List. This song is beat nasty face all the way through. Silas Blak is the man, it's never too late to be the new hotness.

6. Bomba Estéreo - "Soy Yo" 2016  Another YouTube sidebar win I found while checking out all the recent videos posted on the Remezcla site. Their Live On KEXP videos are totally wicked; no surprise there.

7.  KAMAU ft. Talibah Safiya - "MĭNT" 2017  Another Okay Player win.   I've discovered so much great music on their site throughout the years and I will forever be grateful.

8. FRTNK - "Let Go" 2017  Yet another Okay Player gem, pronounced Fourteen K. Masks do make life easier sometimes.

9. Syd - "All About Me" 2017  When I got YouTube, Syd was there waiting. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

10. Residente - "Somos Anormales" 2017  NSFW!!!! This is one of the gnarliest videos starring John Leguizamo I've seen in awhile; be afraid, this is not a drill. Remezcla should be added to your music website favorites right now. For real, NSFW!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ten More Music Videos With Special Effect Twins

Here's a YouTube playlist of ALL the Special Effect Twins I've found so far. #YouTubeNchill

1. Knxwledge - "Flyinglizrds" 2015  STONES THROW  Knxwledge has been killing it for years but came into the spotlight when he collaborated with the music industry's current shining star, Anderson .Paak.

2. Charlotte Dos Santos - "Watching You" 2016  STONES THROW  I can't say enough good things about Stones Throw, they are my spirit animal...or something. Sofie's SOS Tape is available via the Stones Throw website.

The artwork for the release really does it for me.

3. Nick DenBoer - "The Chickening" 2016  This is not technically a music video but it's awesome. and I post it every chance I get.

4. Sevdaliza - "The Valley" 2015  This is likely my least favorite from Sevdaliza but I'm so on board with her that I had to share anyway.

5. Maze Koroma - "Complicated" 2016  EYRST  Green screen for the win. It's tough to keep up with all the greatness of EYRST, I highly recommend you follow Maze and the rest of them on all their social media sites in case I miss something.

6. Calvin Valentine - "Your Drugs" 2016  This wasn't intended to be a collection of EYRST videos but good shit does happen sometimes.

7. Martell Webster - "I'm Ripe" 2016  Martell Webster (of the NBA) is one of the founders and artists of Portland's EYRST crew. Their small label does an incredible job of cultivating talent, I love them.

8. Rare Treat (Myke Bogan + The Last Artful, Dodgr) - "Pop!" 2016  Another "Rare Treat" from Portland's EYRST crew.

9. Slum Village feat. BJ The Chicago Kid + Illa J - "Expressive" 2015  Slum Village is always evolving, it must be difficult to fill the hole that J Dilla left in their lives but I admire their courage to keep going.

10. Gabriel Garzón-Montano - "Crawl" 2017  I love that Peanut Butter Wolf's diverse musical tastes have turned in to a blessing for the universe. He is able to see the light in others and help them to reach their highest potential through Stones Throw; a noble life mission, if I've ever heard one. Gabriel Garzón-Montano has been making music for years but was drawn into the spotlight when Drake sampled one of his songs back in July 2016. Dig into his archives, it's worth your time. 

The first compilation of Special Effect Twins videos. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fourteen More Music Videos with Public Transportation

Here's ALL the Music Videos w/ Public Transportation I've found so far. #YouTubeNchill

1. J. Cole - "False Prophets" 2016  He used the beat for Joey Bada$$'s "Waves" and Joey wore it better.

2. Bambu - "Minimum Wage" 2014  I love that Bambu educates with his art, he gets it.

3. Ghostpoet - "Off Peak Dreams" 2015  I was in Shoreditch, London for 9 days and it wasn't enough time; I will be back as soon as I possibly can. Ghostpoet first appeared on my website back in 2013, moments after I discovered his "Meltdown" track.

4. Little Dragon - "Underbart" 2014  This is from the Nabuma Rubberband album; worth a listen but it's way less magical for me than their previous albums.

5. Axel F. (J.Rocc + MED) feat. Pok + Strong Arm Steady - "Superman RMX" 2014  I love superhero shit, I hope J.Rocc is careful with his cape; the world needs him.

6. Kool + Käss  - "Pleasance (WDGAF)" 2013  It's hard not to like artists that dgaf.

7. Micall Parknsun - "Land Of The Lost" 2013 (UK HIP HOP) This UK artist seems kind of Seattle.

8. Slick Devious - "Draped Up"  2013  PORTLAND MUSIC  One of Portland's weirdest; this is a huge compliment. My intro to Slick Devious was via the "Paint Soup" album with Grape God.

9. Rapsody - "The Man" 2015  She's dope. I've been fortunate enough to see her a few times in the last year with 9th Wonder. I always think of "Welcome To Jamrock" when I read Jamla Records.

10. Dex Amora x Goldenbeets (ft. Scarlet Parke) - "What Do Ai Say" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC “I don’t like writing in the booth. I like writing on the Metro, actually. It’s kind of habit now. When I first got out here, that’s what I was doing, so it kind of stuck with me. I’m more comfortable on the back of the Link with my headphones on, writing something.”  Seattle Weekly Interview

11. Brandy feat. Timbaland - "Who Is She 2 U" 2004  While researching this collaboration, I learned about another genre of music I missed, illbient music...according to the legends of Wiki, Brandy and Timbaland were experimenting with it. I still don't like putting music in a labelled box.

12. Flying Lotus - "Coronus, The Terminator" 2015  Flying Lotus is one of the most inspiring people on the planet.

13. Substantial feat. Precious Joubert - "The Sub Way" 2017 (prod. Marcus D)  This song (and a 4 panel color poster) can be found within Substantial's latest album, The Past Is Always Present in the Future.

14. Kris Kross - "I Missed The Bus" 1992  Pretty sure I got this cassette from BMG Music Service, I still have it. #cassettesareback Shoutout to the late Chris Kelly for leaving us with so much great entertainment.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Eleven Music Videos featuring Parking Garages

Here's the full list in YouTube playlist form. #YouTubeNchill

1. Zelli feat. Feezable The Germ - "Solid" 2017  SEATTLE MUSIC  It's beautiful to see Zelli stepping her game up, I can't wait to see what she does next. "Solid" is the title track from her latest EP, released in August 2016. The video was created by the mega-talented A.K. Romero; Seattle is oozing with talent.

2. M.I.A. - "Bring The Noize" 2013  One of the reasons I think we all love M.I.A. is because she dares to be different. It's funny how we often hide the gifts that make us unique to better fit in. M.I.A. likely had to overcome some

3. Graves 33 - "Waiting For Never" 2012  SEATTLE MUSIC  Graves 33 works his ass off making music, graphic design, woodburning, videography, and taking care of his family.

4. Deltron 3030 - "City Rising From The Ashes" (Video 2) 2013  The original version of this video can be found on my list of Music Videos w/ Projectors. It amazes me how little attention this album got, I guess people were too distracted by all the mainstream garbage as usual. Fortunately, I was able to see them perform twice during the tour to promote the album. The second version of the video got one-sixth the attention of the original...lesson learned.

5. Paul White feat. Trim - "Get Your Head Round This" 2014  I still can't figure out how I feel about Paul White's music, it seems like most of his songs are missing something. This song is definitely unique and more creative than most of the garbage you'll hear on the radio. His work ethic and creativity will keep me listening/watching. He just released a free beat tape on Bandcamp so you can hear for yourself how he's progressed.

6. Homeboy Sandman - "America The Beautiful" 2015  Yet another gem from Homeboy Sandman, can't wait to hear the new material he's working on with Aesop Rock as the duo Lice.

7. Emily Wells - "Mama's Gonna Give You Love" 2012  This is an incredible performance, one of the many that earned her the opportunity to work with one of my personal favorites, Dan The Automator, on their Pillowfight side project. The lead single from that project appeared on my compilation of music videos with Leg Shots.

8. Silas Blak - "Yeah Yeah" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC  Walking around the neighborhood videos do a great job of showcasing the natural talent of the artist. Silas Blak is oozing with natural talent...the Cabin Games crew gets it. Do yourself a favor and check out his "Editorials: (wartunes)" album, available on his Bandcamp page.

9. Lady Leshurr - "Queen's Speech Ep. 1" 2015  Much respect to Lady Leshurr for owning her queenliness. The six installments of her Queen's Speech series got me hooked.

10. Massive Attack - "Angel" 1998  Massive Attack is timeless. I love the theory that Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja is Banksy...even though he says it's not true.

11. Radiohead - "Daydreaming" 2016  See how Thom Yorke has the courage to walk through every doorway he comes to, that is how you make shit happen for yourself. I see metaphors for kicking ass at life everywhere these days and I'm okay with it...that said, some doorways are not worth the energy.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ten Great Live Performance Videos Part IV

Here's a YouTube playlist of 40+ great live performances; the list is always growing. #YouTubeNchill

1. Radiohead - "Present Tense: Jonny, Thom & a CR78" 2016  So good it makes your heart feel funny in the first thirty seconds. Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead are a gift to this universe. I often have those Radiohead Kind Of Days and I made a playlist for's always evolving.

2. Silas Blak - "Cops On My Back" (Live Shots) 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC  I have so much love for Silas Blak, his entire Cabin Games crew, and the mega-talented DJ Able Fader. I had the pleasure of attending his Birthday Show at The Rendezvous in Seattle, WA a few days ago and it was perfect.

3. Sevdaliza - "Amandine Insensible" 2016  Some people are oozing with so much talent, style, and passion that all they need is a microphone to blow my mind. Much can be learned about Sevdaliza from this interview Fact Magazine did with her back in 2015.

4. Paris Alexa - "Cashitis" @ EMP SoundOff! 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  Paris Alexa is truly one of the best performers I've seen in a long time. She's gonna take over the world. Andrew SavoieDJ Able Fader AKA Ben Dixon, and myself will always be proud that Paris Alexa was one of the artists featured in our Home Slice series in The Crocodile Back Bar.

5. Homeboy Sandman - "God" (Dungeon Sessions) 2016  All thoughts about religions and gods aside, the spirit of Homeboy Sandman shines through brilliantly in this Dungeon Session. Simple video series like this are a much needed element in the music community. Shoutout to RossAngeles for creating the series.

6. COSMOS - "Living Proof" Sound Off! 2016 SEATTLE MUSIC  The Sound Off! series at MoPOP (formerly EMP) does an incredible job showcasing the young talent in Seattle. COSMOS won the 2016 round and have nailed every single performance I've seen.

7. Dec 99th (Yasiin Bey + Ferrari Sheppard) - "Seaside Panic Room/N.A.W. Medley" 2016  This performance isn't that enjoyable but it's a much watch for anyone who's been following the amazing journey of Mos Def/Yasiin Bey. Their self-titled album was released on Tidal, which is a bummer because I have yet to embrace the music platform. Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube are still the Queens of the industry in my humble opinion.

8. Katie Kuffel - "Fault Lines (NPR Tiny Desk Submission)" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  When Katie Kuffel takes the stage, she takes the breath away of everyone in the room. I had the extreme pleasure of booking her at The Crocodile Back Bar a couple times and still can't believe the world has yet to catch on...I know they will. Since I know you'll want to hear more, her YouTube channel is the place to look.

9. Anderson.Paak + The Free Nationals "SXSW 2016: NPR Music Front Row" 2016 Anderson.Paak ruled 2016 so hard...still haven't seen him live but I know it'll be worth the wait (I showed up late when he opened for Wax at The Crocodile in 2013) and was working across the festival when he played Bumbershoot. Anderson.Paak's "Malibu" album is my pick for the Number One Album of 2016.

10. Bootsy's Rubber Band - I'd Rather Be With You (Live 1976)  Bootsy is gonna take you there.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Twelve More Music Videos with Motorcycles

Here's the link to all the motorcycle videos on a YouTube playlist. #YouTubeNchill

1. OCnotes feat. BLV3$ - "How Are You My Friend?" 2017  SEATTLE MUSIC (sorta)  Otis shared some of his adventures around the world with us in the new video for "How Are You My Friend?" This video qualifies for more than one of my weird lists; public transportation, flowers, bicycles, slow motion, Seattle, and others that have yet to be published. He's all linked up with the Homeskillet Records these days, their artist roster is perfect.

2. Lykke Li - "Gunshot" 2014  Lykke Li is starting the glamorous zombie apocalypse; I'm in.

3. Action Bronson - "Easy Rider" 2014  I hereby declare Action Bronson to be King Of Motorcycle Music Videos.

4. Lizzo feat. Sophia Eris- "Batches + Cookies" 2013  Lizzo is a queen on this earth.

5. Das EFX - "Real Hip Hop" 1995  I love that raining sparks shit.

6. Blood Orange - "I'm Sorry We Lied" 2012  Blood Orange is a lifetime member of the Artsy Weirdo Squad.

7. The Bar (Prometheus Brown + Bambu) - "Coming (To America)" 2014  Overflowing with respect for all parties involved with this project.

8. Queen - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" 1980  Grease-y in the best way.

9. U-God - "Dat's Gangsta" 1999  WuTang really is forever.

10. AlunaGeorge feat. Popcaan - "I'm In Control" 2016  I would never deny the fact that Aluna is in control; love this duo!

11. AZ - "The Come Up" 2005  Even the birds have AZ's back.

Here's a video of Action Bronson freestyling over "The Come Up" instrumental.

12. Abra - "Pull Up" 2016  You think she does her own stunts or is that special effects of her on the 4 wheeler (@ 2:40 and beyond)? This is one of those songs that's about nothing but I'm okay with it because the words are presented well.

Here's the link to the first 10 Motorcycle Music Videos.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Streets Is Talking Vol. 1

You could scream your name unintelligibly to the world, or you could scream something that matters. Art can change the world for the better and I will forever shine light on those who have found a way to creatively share the messages the world needs the most. There will be more...


 "We must learn to live together as brothers or to perish together as fools." - Barcelona

"No Oil On The Coast" - Barcelona 

Placa De George Orwell, Barcelona 







Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Porto Street Art

When I arrived in Porto, my taxi driver could only get me about a mile from my hotel due to all the street closures for a city-wide holiday marathon/walk. This could have been scary because I had just arrived to a foreign the dark...where I don't speak the language, but there were families and a marching band so the vibe was right. Walking the streets of Porto during a marathon with a rolling suitcase got me a lot of funny looks but I've come to the realization that I love that shit, it means I'm doing something out of the ordinary (all the best shit is). 

This was the first street art I saw, I had no idea that I would see this smiling face by the Chei Krew again.

Once daylight hit, it didn't take long to realize that Porto was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life (I'm sure the weather helped). 

One of my favorite things about the Porto Street Art is that the most prominent artists have extremely good taste in choosing the locations for their art. There also seems to be less mindless tagging than Lisbon, which I would visit next. Porto keeps it classy. Why would you ever want to have a blank wall when you could have a piece like this one from Mesk? I saw a Mesk in Barcelona as well.

The artist of the next few is Costah, who also does tattoos. 

@theringofdoom was able to climb in this cool cat for the photo. 

I saw another of these smoking dog Costah pieces in the Shoreditch area of London today...although it hasn't survived as well as this piece.

A great example of how teamwork makes the dream work.

Hazul is another Porto artist who has great taste in locations for his art, still kicking myself for not taking a photo of his phone booth piece.

Hey Puke (or Duke) B, you're an asshole!

This guy Ojay from New Zealand nailed the whole stay classy thing.

Shoutout to this mystery artist for arting up this otherwise boring wall.

Hey Dasior Tattoo, I love Porto too. I know I'll be back.

This was all over Porto, I think it's a great idea.

School yourself on Porto Street Art here.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Thirteen Music Videos featuring Umbrellas

Here's the link to all the Umbrella music videos on a YouTube playlist. #YouTubeNchill

I just finished a book (Un Lun Dun by China Mieville) in which magical broken umbrellas (called uNbrellas) are used to protect (?) the citizens of the city under/above London from their biggest enemy yet, smog. Then, I saw this uNbrella today while walking in London and decided to resurrect this post from the depths of procrastination. You may not think you give a shit about music videos with umbrellas but I didn't know I was into Salt Beef on a Beigel (Corned Beef on a Bagel) until today; learning stuff about yourself is good. As if you needed convincing beyond the whole epic bagel thing, umbrellas have been chique since before Charlie Chaplin rocked one.

1. Main Source - "Looking At The Front Door" 1990  This umbrella's silhouette game is on point. I would have loved to hear the conversation about adding the umbrella as a prop to the video. Were they like "it needs something...shit, I got this umbrella, how bout this?...She could be like dating the umbrella or something?"

2. Cut Chemist - "My First Big Break" 2008  It's kind of awesome how much this umbrella adds to the video; since I find them almost useless in the real world (weird Seattle quirk). Since most rainstorms come with wind, umbrellas tend to make walking in a rainstorm a more stressful experience. I already knew I'd be down to go to any party in which Cut Chemist is the DJ but this video cements it; these people know how to have a good time.

3. Grimes - "Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream" 2015  Grimes with a budget for music videos is one of the best things about life. Stay weird Grimes, I think you're great and loved that eight of the eleven people on your team were women when I worked my only stagehand shift for your show at The Showbox in Seattle in October 2015. #props

4. Bjork - "It's Oh So Quiet" 1995  My sister Ingrid made me a journal mod-podged with Bjork (as seen on the "Post" cover) on it in the mid 90s, it's filled with all sorts of teen angsty/crush/music lyric stuff since I was 16 when the album came out. Bjork has been inspiring me for decades and continues to do so with her new Bjork Digital Exhibition. I had an eight hour layover at the Reykjavik airport recently and they had this quote from "Joga" from the Homogenic album on a window that I had forgotten about, "I feel emotional landscapes they puzzle me." I've been trying to figure out what the hell that means for two weeks now but I still think it's rad she's achieved airport quote status. 

5.  Gifted Gab - "Dead Wrong" 2013  SEATTLE MUSIC  The musical journey of Gifted Gab will be the stuff of legends, she is one of the best rappers in Seattle...period. Gifted Gab was a perfect choice for the Swisher Sweets Convenience Store Sessions.

Gifted released "Gab The Most High" back in May 2016, this is what the Seattle Weekly thought about it.

6. L'Orange - "The Quiet Room" 2013  L'Orange has been steady grinding for years and makes the kind of music I love the most. He has excellent taste in both samples and in collaborators; Jeremiah Jae, Kool Keith, Stik Figa, Mr. Lif, and Homeboy Sandman. He's got a damn good squad behind him at Mello Music Group.

7. K.Flay - "Rawks" 2013  Hairless cat, mustard in reverse, big messes, slow motion scenes, flower head, AND an umbrella; this video totally rawks. She's headed out on tour in February, you should probably go see her.

8. Kool A.D. feat. Toro Y Moi + Amaze 88 - "The Front" 2014  The vibe is so right with this one; likely due to the supreme chillness of Toro Y Moi. That said, I can't recall any Kool A.D. music that I didn't like (but why would I want to remember that?).

9. Milosh - "This Time" 2013  Milosh flew onto my radar as a producer for Rhye when "The Fall" was released. This video is great because watching two people in love (the couple is Milosh himself and his wife, actress Alexa Nikolas) having a fabulous time together is a beautiful thing.

10. Tuxedo - "Number One" 2015  ReignCity hosted a sold out Tuxedo show at The Crocodile back in July 2015 and it couldn't have been more perfect. One of my favorite things about this video is that it is a really awesome commercial for Lacoste and New Amsterdam Vodka. I love the idea of sponsors for music videos because I hardly know any artists who actually have a budget to create visuals of this caliber.

11. Raven Matthews - "This Is Cinema" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC  Raven Matthews life really is cinema, he is way ahead of the rest of the world in the game of self-awareness and embracing the weird and you should pay more attention. His Disco Christ album was released in July 2016 and it was so unique that no one knew which box to put it in... which is actually a really good thing. Peep an interview with him here.

12. ABRA - "Closet HD" 2016  I kinda think this song is a hot mess but I still fux with ABRA, she coo.

13. Rihanna ft. Jay-Z - "Umbrella" 2007  It's a no brainer. Get it Rihanna, you're a boss lady supreme. Thanks for being you.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Top 10 Albums of 2016 (In My World)

These are the albums that got the most listens and provided the most feels of 2016 in my world. That said, there are a ton of albums released in 2016 I haven't even listened to yet because the hype was off (it's an internal jedi thing, I don't get it either). Spotify kept track of what I actually listened to the most... I made this list for me so I can look back later and be like...damn, 2016 was a great year for music. Had to throw my 2 Pence into the ring (I wrote this from my hotel room in London).

1. Anderson.Paak - "Malibu"  I was shocked/amazed/overjoyed to find that this album that could (and should) be overplayed in it's entirety. His KnxWorries song "Suede" with Knxwledge from 2015 had already convinced me (and Dr. Dre) that Anderson.Paak was whoa, but damn has this man added an element of joy to the world of music that we've been missing for awhile.

This series of videos by Mass Appeal did an amazing job of capturing some of the most beautiful moments throughout the creation of this masterpiece (Dre's reaction).

2. A Tribe Called Quest - "We Got It From Here... Thank You For Your Service"  A Tribe Called Quest's album, "We Got It From Here... Thank You For Your Service" was released at the exact moment the world needed it most. We the people were all heartbroken at the results of the Nov. 8 election but were still able to find some joy through their music when they gifted us this album three days later. The well timed pause in the beat followed by "The ramen noodle; Your simple voodoo is so maniacal, we're liable to pull a juju" gives me beat nasty face every-single-time...pretty damn close to this guy's priceless reaction.

Their Live On SNL performance was bittersweet but beautiful, it's great to see Jarobi White back on the scene but Phife's absence was very apparent. Thank you to the surviving members of A Tribe Called Quest for working through their loss and having the courage to keep moving forward. We love you and always will.

3. Homeboy Sandman - "Kindness For Weakness"  My respect for this man and his unique talent (and record label) has no limits. My favorite line from the album is "the glass isn't half empty or half full, it's all drink," an observation about the timeless dilemma I'd never heard before. I love people who have a unique perspective on the world. According to the roster on the sidebar of my website, I've posted about Homeboy Sandman ten times already. I'd really love to see my talented musician friends step their games up and work as hard as Homeboy Sandman so I could post their music videos ten times...

Here's some words from Homeboy Sandman himself on how it all went down...

4. Solange - "A Seat At The Table"  It's beautiful to see such a highly evolved woman doing her thing, she's welcome to a seat at my (cheap ass Ikea) table anytime. The music videos for "Cranes In The Sky" and "Don't Touch My Hair" are almost too perfect. Here's hoping she releases a video for "Mad," I don't fux with Lil Wayne but he still crushes the song and the message is on point.

Here's the link to a great interview she did with another highly evolved being, Tavi Gevinson, founder of Rookie (and beyond). Shoutout to all women who have the balls to be themselves and go all in for their vision, I wanna be just like you (but more me of course) when I grow up.

5. James Blake - "The Colour In Anything"  "The Colour In Anything" was released within days of the Radiohead album "A Moon Shaped Pool" so I took both albums on a road trip to get to know them. That day, I decided I loved this album the most. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing him at The Neptune Theatre in 2013 and it remains to be one of the best concert experiences of my life (as a fan). His show later that year at Showbox Sodo did not provide the same emotions due to vibe and layout of the venue but I wholeheartedly support this man.

James Blake and his team have yet to make a video for my favorite song on the album, "Timeless," so this fan-made video will do for now.

6. J. Cole - "4 Your Eyez Only"  I did the Road Trip Challenge with both "4 Your Eyez Only" and Childish Gambino's "Awaken, My Love!" and J. Cole won the first round because a few singles stood out to me more but my relationship with Childish Gambino's album is only just beginning. The prize for winning the Road Trip Challenge is to get overplayed the most but maybe I'll work on stepping my game up with that in 2017. The storytelling of the title track "4 Your Eyez Only" is currently in my Top Five (rotates daily). J. Cole went for it and dropped the following two videos on the same day, I love that shit.

J. Cole is coo and everything but I still think Joey Bada$$ did it better.

7. Radiohead - "A Moon Shaped Pool"  In my universe, Radiohead albums age well so it's best for me to take my time getting to know them. I fall in and out of love with Radiohead songs as their lyrics and vibe become relevant in my life or when I've grown enough to connect with Thom Yorke's genius at that moment.

Live Radiohead videos really do it for me, they released a few in 2016 that further prove their talents and take my breath away...another one will appear on my site soon.

8. Onry Ozzborn - "Duo" SEATTLE MUSIC  Onry Ozzborn has been steadily killin it for years and has seriously stepped his game up with this release. He does a great job of supporting his peers and I truly value his presence in Seattle. I sincerely hope that the still blossoming artists I love will follow his example and stay classy. The "duofilm" below is a masterpiece.

The lineup for the Duo Album Release at Nectar Lounge was perfect and he sold the place out, I had a fabulous time.

9. Noo & 10.4 Rog - "Inner G" TACOMA MUSIC (AND BEYOND) My thought process when I listen to the music of these two geniuses... "what? holy shit, this is fucking awesome, (checks number of listens), I can't believe they're not more famous, I'm gonna listen to it again to figure out why it's so damn good, 10.4 Rog is a genius, Noo is killin it." The rest of the Home Slice team and myself had the pleasure of hosting Noo at The Crocodile Back Bar back in September and it was whoa (I made the show flyer myself).

I would love to see a video for "Without You" featuring Muzzy Legault this song is straight fire (and I don't even say that shit). Here's hoping I get to see 10.4 Rog live in 2017, will travel.

10. Remember Face - "Remember Face" SEATTLE MUSIC  This release amazes me because it's fucking beautiful to see the people you love grow, challenge themselves, and get even better with every release. The Remember Face live performances I've seen show that they're going the extra mile and that they truly love what they're doing. I can't wait to see what they do next. This album made it on Seattle Weekly's "The Most Underrated Local Records Of 2016" with Noo + 10.4 Rog and that's wicked awesome.

Andrew Savoie and Chimaroke Abuachi of Remember Face branched off from Nu Era, their crew had an amazing album release party for Armadilla Lexus in 2016. I was smart enough to film this epic moment, shaky iPhone style; the talent of everyone in the video shines through the poor quality.

HONORABLE MENTION (mostly because it wasn't time for me to bond with them yet, fortunately music is timeless when made from the heart) :

NoName - "Telefone"
Childish Gambino - "Awaken, My Love!"