Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The New Hotness Vol. 1

All these videos and many, many more appear on my (regularly updated) New Hotness YouTube playlist. It doesn't have to be new to be the new hotness, the only requirements are that I just found it and think it's awesome.

1. Coco Mamba - "Tell Me Bout It" 2017  These ladies take action about the unwanted advances of men, courtesy of Okay Player.

2. Like - "Miss Me With That" 2016  I found this via Okay Player after checking out their coverage of his latest video, "Lamped." The new single is pretty good but I like this four month old jam even better.

3. Gabriel Garzón-Montano - "Keep On Running" 2014  I checked out this guy's YouTube catalog after seeing/hearing his first Stones Throw single, "Crawl."

4. Kweku Collins - "Stupid Rose" 2016  Found this via the YouTube sidebar. Half of me likes this and half of me can't believe I'm watching it still. Decide for yourself.

5. Silent Lambs Project - "Mic Choke"  2002  SEATTLE MUSIC  I dug this classic up because Third Eye Bling helped me add Silent Lambs Project's "House Of Respect" to my Public Transportation List. This song is beat nasty face all the way through. Silas Blak is the man, it's never too late to be the new hotness.

6. Bomba Estéreo - "Soy Yo" 2016  Another YouTube sidebar win I found while checking out all the recent videos posted on the Remezcla site. Their Live On KEXP videos are totally wicked; no surprise there.

7.  KAMAU ft. Talibah Safiya - "MĭNT" 2017  Another Okay Player win.   I've discovered so much great music on their site throughout the years and I will forever be grateful.

8. FRTNK - "Let Go" 2017  Yet another Okay Player gem, pronounced Fourteen K. Masks do make life easier sometimes.

9. Syd - "All About Me" 2017  When I got YouTube, Syd was there waiting. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

10. Residente - "Somos Anormales" 2017  NSFW!!!! This is one of the gnarliest videos starring John Leguizamo I've seen in awhile; be afraid, this is not a drill. Remezcla should be added to your music website favorites right now. For real, NSFW!

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