Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ten More Music Videos with Projectors

Here's the link to the projector videos I've compiled so far via YouTube playlist. #YouTubeNchill

1. Stalley - "Cup Inside A Cup" 2013  I started this list in 2013 when the song came out, which should clue you into the depths of the back end of this website. In the three years that have passed, Stalley seems to have fallen off my radar due to lack of buzz but the song still goes. I never got a chance to overplay it because it's not on Spotify.

2. Air Credits - "No Water" 2016  I just had the pleasure of working with these guys when they opened for Sims from Doomtree at Barboza in Seattle recently. Air Credits is ShowYouSuck and Steve from The Hood Internet; both gentleman are from the Chicago area and are wonderful people. They've united to create a concept album, I seriously fux with concept albums (Shoutout to Prince Paul & Automator). Here's what Consequence Of Sound has to say about the project:

'The concept goes something like this: Air Credits exist in a kind of dystopian society in the future, where Trump “never left office” due to advanced cloning technology. It’s a situation that’s laid out clearest in a hook on album closer “No Water”: “We ain’t got no water, plus we pay for air/ How we livin’ here, in the wasteland?”'

3. Deltron 3030 feat. Mike Patton - "City Rising From The Ashes" 2013  Special effects or not, it comes as no surprise that Deltron 3030 make use of a 3D projector from the year 3030. Artists like these are the ones that really do it for me. Dan The Automator, Kid Koala, Del The Funky Homosapien, and Mike Patton have made a career out of personal growth and keeping it weird. If you're on a mission to be prolific, as I've heard many say, Mike Patton's discography should encourage you to get to've been slacking.

4. Cut Chemist feat. Chali 2na and Hymnal - "Work My Mind" 2013  Cut Chemist first grabbed my attention as one of the DJs for Jurassic 5, then he quickly became one of my favorite artists through his 45 collaborations with DJ Shadow (Brainfreeze & Product Placement). This video was made right around the time he sold his whole vinyl collection to Amoeba Music, an interesting decision I can vibe with because I move so much.

5. Låpsley - "Station" 2014  A projector, a video camera, and a willing participant were all that they needed to make this video. Using what you've got and keeping it minimal can be magical with the right team.

As proven previously with his remix of Daughter's "Youth," Budo has the amazing ability to make a great song into something that tugs at my heartcords and makes me wonder when he'll get the shine he deserves.

6. The Smiths - "How Soon Is Now" 1984  This song is 32 years old and still sounds fresh every time, to me at least. The Smiths have likely heard this song so many times that they cringe at the first note. I'm pretty sure that making something that can have this much longevity is what most musicians dream of.

7. Grape God feat. Ripley Snell - "Point God" 2014  (PORTLAND MUSIC)  I'm not into basketball but I definitely fuck with this song and these dudes. I've had the pleasure of booking these guys for a couple shows in The Crocodile Back Bar and they were just as weird as I hoped they would be.

8. Dam Funk - "Mirrors" 2009  This song was released on Dam Funk's 5xLP Box Set, Toeachizown, back in 2009 (here's what Pitchfork thought about it).  Shoutout to Peanut Butter Wolf for playing a vital role in the release of this album and everything else that you do, Stones Throw or otherwise. Peace and love to Folerio!

9. SBTRKT feat. Sampha - "Look At Stars" 2010  This was a bonus track on SBTRKT's self-titled amazing album. I've yet to see either of these artists live but I'm working on fixing that. SBTRKT is one of the Kings Of Music Videos With Masks, alongside MF DOOM of course.

10. Meyhem Lauren feat. Action Bronson + Heems - "Special Effects" 2012  Yet another video that makes me want to use a projector as a television. Shoutout to Action Bronson for showing the world that stoners CAN get shit done.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

London's Gallery Road Part Deux

There is an Official Gallery Road in the Southwark (pronounced Suth-erk...I think) area of London but this one is a lot different. I was fortunate enough to wander up on the unofficial Gallery Road on a jet-lag, pancetta + cheese focaccia, and espresso fueled 8 mile mission to walk under the Thames River. As a personal challenge of sorts (too broke), I was only using my phone for music and photos (no maps) and finding my way to all the raddest stuff via the force.

Previous to finding this Gallery Road, my jedi had led me to my first Banksy spotting (3-5 miles away) so I was feeling pretty damn good. I have aspirations to make as large and unique of a mark on the world as Banksy continues to do and oddly enough I'm starting it off by taking a clay figurine on a tour of Europe (@theringofdoom). My pilgrimage to Banksy was already a success 24 hours in and I was just getting going.

I was drawn down Gallery Road initially by this one because it reminded me of the art from DJ Shadow's "Preemptive Strike" album. I posted this on @TheRingOfDoom Instagram and the artist, Kazz,  thanked me for posting...if the internet is real. 

I'd really love to know more about the artists and the history of the street art on this particular bridge, the rest of London, and the rest of the world so please leave any info you may have in the comments below. 

This snaky thing really does it for me... 

Shoutout to the #cactusgang for choosing the right colors.

I would imagine that this bridge has acquired many layers of paint throughout the years. 

This one is my favorite for many reasons; political commentary, mention of Banksy, my name happens to be on it. I'd really love to see what the stencil layer looked like before it was covered by another's work. I learned a lot from watching the "Graffiti Wars" documentary about Robbo vs. Banksy and will be on the hunt for where all that went down in a few days.

I'm down to dump trump whenever you guys are.

The dump trump message is only the tip of the iceberg of politically fueled street art that I've found so far on this trip. I hope to see more of this...compiling a collection of photos as I type.

Wondering what this one said before it was covered...

You'll know you're close to this magical place when you see this boat.

Here's a macro photo of spray paint from Gallery Road Part Deux just because I love you.

Once again, I'd love any and all info about the artists in these photos and all the rest. Feel free to reach out to me directly via any of my social media sites if you'd like me to help tell your story. Thank you to all the artists who contributed to this masterpiece of a bridge, I love you and please keep it up.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ten Artsy Weirdos You Should Know

All 10 artists ready to #YouTubeNchill in playlist form.

1.  Blossom  - "Black Magic Woman" 2016  (Prod. by Fountaine)  Another gem from Portland's EYRST crew; the label founded by NBA player and musician, Martell Webster. I love that they make videos like "Signing-Blossom" to help us get to know what they're all about. Blossom and the many other ladies that are coming out of their shells show more originality and innovation than most of the males that are dominating the industry (in their minds anyway).

2. SassyBlack - "New Boo" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  SassyBlack is one of my favorite people to follow on ALL social media because she has such a positive outlook on life AND she meets all kinds of interesting people. Formerly of THEESatisfaction, she's been efficiently grinding as a solo artist and even appeared on HBO's Vinyl as one of the Queens of R+B, Ruth Brown.

3. Lizzo - "Good As Hell" 2016  This is an awesome song with great visuals and a damn good message for EVERYONE; Lizzo's doing everything right (further proof in this NPR interview). The Minneapolis artist released her "Coconut Oil" EP on her new label, Atlantic Records, last October and is currently taking the show on the road (see you at The Crocodile on January 28).

4. Kari Faux - "Fantasy" 2016  This video gets a Lizzy Award (impetus of yet another idea) for Most Creative Music Video. I love how the visuals perfectly complement the song and show you what is likely a very raw look into the artist's soul. Kari Faux released her debut mixtape, Laugh Now, Die Later, in 2014 and moved from her hometown of Little Rock, AR to LA soon after. The release caught the attention of Pitchfork, and Childish Gambino which helped launch her into a world with stellar music video budgets.

5. Joyce Wrice - "Do You Love Me?" 2016 (Prod. by Mndsgn)  Joyce Wrice and Stone Throw's Mndsgn know the secret formula to authentically creating the eighties vibe. I learned the most about the artist from this LA Weekly article and will happily follow her on all her social media sites to see when I'll be able to see her live for the first time.

6. The Last Artful, Dodgr - "Squadron" 2016 PORTLAND MUSIC  The Last Artful, Dodgr has been grinding hard enough to appear on Sway's Universe. Thanks to the help of Portland's EYRST  crew and many years of steady grind, @TheLastArtful has captured the attention of those who can help multiply YouTube views and beyond.

7. DoNormaal - "Dime" 2016  (Prod. by Brakebill)  SEATTLE MUSIC  The rise of DoNormaal is a beautiful thing to witness and Seattle has been infinitely blessed by her presence. Those who've met Christy are instantly captivated by her spirit and become devoted fans from that moment on. Visuals for her work are coming our way at a steadier pace as she gears up to show us how far ahead of the game she truly is. At this pace, it's inevitable that DoNormaal will continue to be a driving force for positive change in this universe.

DoNormaal – Dime (prod. Brakebill) from Leena Joshi on Vimeo.

8. Guayaba - "Black Trash/White House" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  (Prod. by Luna God) Guayaba's Black Trash/White House EP is so rad that I don't even care that there aren't any music videos yet. Shoutout Guayaba for her continued evolution and to Luna God for being one of the most active producers in Seattle. I learned a lot about Guayaba from this writeup from Jetspace Magazine  and this animated interview with Seattle Weekly.

9.  Sa-Roc - "I Come In Peace" 2016  Sa-Roc is one of the latest additions to the Rhymesayers crew, which is a damn good crew to roll with. She's new to me but has an impressive thirteen albums under her belt already (according to the label's bio). Her recent Metamorpheus EP is her first release with the Rhymesayers team which I hope will get her added to the lineup for Soundset 2017.

10. Erykah Badu Performs For The New York Times + Answers Questions" 2016  The YouTube title needs some work but Badu is so far ahead of the rest of us with her self love, she already has a "gold floss" tooth chain. I felt the need to include her on this list because neither my Dad or my Stepmom have ever heard of her; Badu's music can fill the gaps in your soul so I'd hate for anyone (paying attention or not) to miss out on the healing.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Ten Music Videos With Great Location Scouts

Here's the link to all 10 videos on a YouTube playlist. #YouTubeNchill

1. Solange - "Cranes In The Sky" 2016  This wasn't intended to be a Solange video mixtape but she's been dominating the game and deserves all the praise she gets. "Cranes In The Sky" is art in it's highest form. The complementary wardrobe/location combos in this video had me taking deep breaths with my hand on my heart; this is good. Mad props to the whole team.

Directed by Alan Ferguson and Solange Knowles
Art and Creative Direction Solange Knowles and Carlota Guerrero
Director of Photography Arthur Jafa & Alan Ferguson
Edited by Solange Knowles & Russell Santos
Produced by Eli Cane

2. The Last Artful, Dodgr + Neill Von Tally - "Jelly Hunt" 2016  PORTLAND MUSIC  The Last Artful, Dodgr recently appeared on Sway's Universe and it was epic. Surprised that no mention was made of the EYRST crew but I'm sure they had their reasons. I highly recommend watching all of the videos on the Eyrst YouTube channel, you will not be disappointed.

3. Wiki feat. Nasty Nigel - "Livin' With My Moms" 2015  You would think that a music video about living with your mom would be about being lazy on the couch but I love that they went a completely different direction. I really fuck with music videos with storylines and they nailed it.

4. Sevdaliza - "Human" 2016  I honestly feel like I've been failing at music because I just discovered Sevdaliza a few days ago. The song alone can transport you to another land but the visuals prove that the other land may just be one pair of shoes away. Mad props to the wardrobe team and everyone else involved in this project, peep the full credits on the YouTube link.

5. Jamie XX - "Gosh" 2016  The story behind this music video is as inspiring as the finished product; the making of video was featured on Pitchfork. What I thought had to be CGI turned out to be an actual city in China (Hangzhou, Zhejiang) that has it's own replica Eiffel Tower combined with a 400 person cast, a Subaru, a budget, and a team of creative masterminds.

6. Solange - "Don't Touch My Hair" 2016  The story of the impetus of the song in the words of the artist herself:

It was 10 minutes into my 27th birthday when it happened.

I was at a lounge in Cape Town with my cousin and another friend having drinks. South African house music blared from the speakers in the establishment with a mixed crowd of Black and white party goers. By this point in the night, I was more than content with wrapping things up (washed) but it was my birthday so you know, you only live once, so I stuck it out.

While sitting at the bar, a white woman came up and tried to grab my drink. She was likely drunk. Not sure. Don’t care. Why are you touching what’s not yours? I stopped her and then she smiled and tried to play it off by joking with my cousin and I. A couple minutes later, she pets my fro.

I texted my friend back in the states. “I can’t believe some white lady just patted my hair in Africa, f――ing Africa!”

“WTF!” my friend responded.

This is just one instance of many ways black people are seen as a spectacle, exhibit or costume in the eyes of our white supremacist society and aren’t seen as fellow human beings who should be felt, understood and loved.

7. Statik Selektah feat. Action Bronson + Joey Bada$$ - "Beautiful Life" 2015  It really is a beautiful life; Action Bronson proves it over and over with every video he releases (see below). Fuck That's Delicious is my authority on travel at the moment and I am headed to this market in Barcelona at the end of the year. I love that Statik Selektah gets the main credit because producers bring too much to the table to not get the shine they deserve. I could gush about Joey Bada$$ again but instead I'll link you to my video from his last show in Seattle.

8. Destiny - "Orange Blossom" 2015  Destiny has evolved into Princess Nokia, I am all about following your creative whims to the ends of the earth. Props to her and her journey. Carnival rides = good vibes; unless of course, clowns are involved.

9. Grimes X HANA - "The AC!D Rain Chronicles {Director's Cut}" 2016 Grimes' musical evolution has been a blessing to both my eyes and ears; that said, this album sounds like super poppy Enya which doesn't really work for me. Even though I don't like the music personally, this project is amazing and now feel like I want to spend a few years traveling around the world filming all kinds of everything (this is not new). I hope she continues to stay weird and that she inspires everyone to make something.

From the creative and adventurous multi-tasking musician herself...

10. Solange - "Lovers In The Parking Lot" 2013  This proof that Solange has been doing cool shit since way before we were paying attention. Here's the link to the making of the video, courtesy of the The Creators Project. The video link on their website may give you a reason to cancel your Netflix for a month.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ten More Music Videos with Bridges

HERE's the link to ALL the bridge music videos on a YouTube playlist. #YouTubeNchill

1. Mat Randol - "North Of Nowhere (Short Film)" 2016  PORTLAND MUSIC One of the many gems of the Portland scene. The Greater NW Music website does a great job of covering both Seattle and Portland artists; check em.

2. Nas - "Nas Is Like" 1999  When I had the pleasure of seeing Nas perform at Moore Theater in Seattle, he was alone onstage with his DJ... as it should be.

3. Grynch x Wizdom x Fearce Vill - "My City's Filthy" 2014 (Produced by D-Sane) SEATTLE MUSIC This city really is filthy.

4. Homeboy Sandman - "Stroll" 2014  He can do no wrong in my eyes; I even love that he has Lice. The project combines artists from two of my favorite record labels; Rhymesayers x Stones ThrowKindness For Weakness is one of my favorite albums of the year; "Eyes" is the cut.

5. Black Coffee - "Come With Me" feat. Mque 2016  Black Coffee was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award at the South African Music Awards back in June.

6. Grimes - "REALiTi" 2015  She is doing a great job of owning it these days. I love this.

7. Wizdumb feat. Silas Blak - "Rap Class" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC This Silas Blak verse though.

8. M.I.A. - "Sunshowers" 2005  Treehouse bridge for the win.

9. Show + AG - "Next Level" (DJ Premier Remix) 1995  This remains to be one of the best songs I've ever heard.

10. Kaytranada feat. Syd - "You're The One" 2016  My heart swells with warm thoughts for all parties involved in the making of this song and video, thank you for making music!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Joey Bada$$ + Schoolboy Q LIVE at WaMu Theater in Seattle, WA feat. @theringofdoom

Joey Bada$$ manages to be simultaneously wise beyond his years and a youthful spirit that crowds literally faint for. A Joey Bada$$ performance is a must have experience for anyone who thinks Hip Hop is dead. Schoolboy Q is aight too, @theringofdoom approves.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ten Animated Music Videos Part V

Hey! I made you this photoshop collage of images from each of the videos on the list; all images are blatantly hijacked (I'll gladly remove the artist's image if they ask). I've also made you a YouTube playlist of all 50 of the animated videos I've featured on the website so far. I started making the YouTube playlists because I prefer music videos to television.

1. Ripley Snell - "Underworld Series" - [GTA V Short Film / Music Video] 2016  Ripley Snell and the Eyrst crew of Portland are the most interesting movement of art since Stones Throw and Brainfeeder. I've been fortunate to book him in Seattle with Grape God as Wine + Coffee for a Home Slice at The Crocodile Back Bar. One of my favorite things I've ever done was to set up a show in Portland at The Know with Wine + Coffee, DoNormaal, OCnotes, Raven Matthews, and Snugsworth.

2. Shabazz Palaces - "Forerunner Foray" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC  These guys are light years beyond the label Seattle Music; so much so that typing it above almost felt like an insult. That said, their presence in our city is a blessing to us all. I'm confident the Black Constellation's legacy will be comparable to that of the legendary supercrew, Soulquarians. It is already to those who are paying attention.

3. BOOTS - "C.U.R.E." 2015  This video is a cinematic masterpiece. I haven't found another Boots song that I like yet but I'll keep checking back in because the video below is that awesome.

4. J'Von - "potato (animated short)" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  "a short animation featuring catman going thru stuff, i think idk. drawn, colored, animated, edited, produced, written, & scored by j'von." -J'Von's YouTube Credits

J'Von has been grinding away solo at these Catman based videos lately and the results made it all the way to FADER. In addition to the many talents listed above, J'Von is always on time. #hesthatclassy

5. Wiki - "3 Stories" (Produced by Kaytranada) 2016  I had the pleasure of working with both of these artists in the last few months at music venues in Seattle. Peep some of the footage in the video compilation I made. I've watched this video at least a dozen times; the Letter Racer team nailed it and Kaytranada and Wiki are at the top of their game.

6. Big Grams | Adult Swim - "Born To Shine" feat. Run The Jewels + "Run For Your Life" 2016  I love everything about Big Grams and this animated video is no exception. Plus, it's always a good idea to work with Run The Jewels; I'm hoping to do that myself someday. Adult Swim does a great job of keeping their finger on the pulse of the underground (and mainstream); that is not a compliment I give lightly.

7. Thundercat - "Song For The Dead" 2016  A huge thank you to the entire Brainfeeder team for blessing us with so much great art and inspiration.

8. Samiyam x Earl Sweatshirt - "Mirror" 2016  These two also did a "What's In My Bag" with the Amoeba team, check it out here. Earl Sweatshirt has managed to be that dude since before his mom made him quit rapping to finish high school.

9. MF DOOM - "GAS DRAWLS" 2016 (Video) This song originally appeared on the Operation: Doomsday album in 1999 and remains to inspire people to this very day. According to Rappcats, where I found this gem,"Animator Dustooned created a video for 'Gas Drawls,' taking inspiration from Doom’s album artwork, including much of Jason Jason illustrations for MM Food and the Metalface version of Operation Doomsday. The animation was created independently, and got the Doom stamp of approval just last week."

I can completely relate to Dustooned's inspiration because I have recently started an Instagram (@theringofdoom ) to document the adventures of my MF DOOM ring and have many plans to continue. It all started because I wanted to learn more about stop motion, iMovie, Reddit, Instagram, clay, fossils, petrified wood, and keeping it weird. TheRingOfDoom's Instagram is a story that can be read from the first post to the most current. The two of us are headed to Europe in December to investigate the street art and underground music communities...stay tuned.

10. Fashawn - "Confess" 2015  This video reminds me of Marley Marl's "The Symphony" in the best way; I it posted previously on a list of videos featuring fringe. Fashawn has been making great decisions with the people he surrounds himself with. When I saw him last, he was touring with Exile, Grandmaster of the MPC and the mega-talented video gawd Punit Dhesi.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The iPhoneSE Adventures of @206Liz [Chapter 1]

A little over two years ago, I quit my unfulfilling safe job with benefits to see if I could carve out a niche for myself in the music industry. I was able to use this website as a resume to get my foot in the door and have been working (and learning) at music venues almost every single day since then.

In an attempt to "be the change" I hope to see in the world, I decided to share some of the experiences that made me the happiest and learn iMovie at the same time. In the spirit of Chase Jarvis who said, "The Best Camera Is The One That's With You," I've decided to use the tools I already have to their fullest potential. This is gonna be fun.

@206Liz Instagram

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Outer Spacecruise AKA Ten More Outer Space Videos

*The Outer Spacecruise photo-collage above is my first venture into Photoshop. Check the bottom of the post for the link to the full Outer Spacecruise YouTube playlist.

1. Sun Ra - "Space Is The Place" 1974  Sun Ra is pretty much the King of Outer Space videos and one of the most interesting people to bless this planet with their existence. Most Applicable Quote: "The outer space beings are my brothers. They sent me here. They already know my music." -Sun Ra  @SunRaUniverse

2. Lady Moon + The Eclipse - "Roller Coaster" 2016  I am 90% on board with this song because the song's most roller coaster-like moments stress me out. That said, I've taken the space video bait and have started diving into Lady Moon + The Eclipse's catalog to see what they're all about.  @lmelove

3. Alabama Shakes - "Sound + Color" 2015  Is this a metaphor for being trapped in your own mind or a just a take on some epic space movies? #DeepThoughts Whatever it is intended to be, I love it. @Alabama_Shakes

4. L'Orange + Kool Keith - "The Green Ray" 2015  I'm loving all things L'Orange these days but have yet to see him live. His current label, Mello Music Group was recently dubbed The Most Successful New Indie Rap Label Of This Decade by Forbes magazine. That's a damn good look for this Rise Of The Underground thing we have going.  @LOrangeMusic  @Ultraman7000

When I saw Kool Keith at Neumos in 2014, he had a disappointing sad crew of cell phone checking squad on stage left (not pictured). He's got enough presence to be alone up there, time to leave the squad in the green rooms Keith. I took this shitty photo at the show which I included in my short lived Rap Hands (blurry hands) Instagram collection.

5. DJ Shadow - "The Mountain Will Fall" 2016  I'm so glad that DJ Shadow is evolving with his music because it's keeping him passionate about his craft. "Nobody Speak," the track from his new album featuring Run The Jewels is most definitely the cut. They recently shared how the collaboration came about with the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, here's the link.  @djshadow

This October 3, The Mountain Will Fall Tour will be coming through The Showbox in Seattle, WA. One of my current jobs in the music industry happens to be Hospitality Coordinator at The Showbox and Showbox SoDo so 10/3/16 will be a pretty great day for me as I've been a fan since the Endtroducing tour brought him to La Luna in Portland as support of Jeru The Damaja in 1997.

6. Batida - "Céu" feat. Frànçois + The Atlas Mountains 2016  "Angolan-Portuguese producer Batida aka Pedro Coquenão has been a busy man lately, releasing an album with Konono N°1 and fighting for social justice and the freedom of 16 detained young activists in Angola." - Okay Africa

Much love goes out to Okay Africa/Okay Player and all the services they provide to the community. Their website has been a consistent source of inspiration and interesting music throughout the seven years I've been sharing music on this website.  @BatidaOfficial

7. The Internet feat. Kaytranada - "Girl" 2015  The Ego Death album made hearts flutter upon its release and stands firm as one of the best albums of 2015. I can still remember the eyes lit up with joy response I got from a few other music nerds when I asked them if they heard it yet.  @intanetz

8. Michael Jackson + Janet Jackson - "Scream" 1995  In an era when some were using helicopters and yachts to show off their baller status, the Jacksons took it to the next level and went universal. The $7 million video  remains to be totally wicked.  @JanetJackson

9. Shabazz Palaces - "Motion Sickness" 2014 (SEATTLE MUSIC)  While the members of Shabazz Palaces do reside in Seattle, their music has transcended the boundaries of our city and have created their own Black Constellation. I love that they opened for Radiohead in LA, someone is very smart. @shabazzpalaces

10. Slick Devious feat. Janet Earth - "Hollow Planets" 2016 (PORTLAND MUSIC) The color of the fake barf(?) is what makes it for me. Slick Devious came up to Seattle last February with Grape God, we should probably have him back soon. Check out his multiple mediums of visual art here.  @SlickDevious

*Here's the link to the Outer Spacecruise YouTube Playlist as it is today. It will be constantly Bowie.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Ten Great Low Budget Music Videos

I decided to add a link to a YouTube playlist for each list because I just got a Smart TV and I'd rather watch music videos than television. Adding YouTube playlist links to previous lists will be another new long term project. TEN GREAT LOW BUDGET VIDEOS YOUTUBE  PLAYLIST

1. Taylar Elizza Beth - "Daisies" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  Can't say enough good things about this woman and her video debut. With one video she's been able to show us what she's all about and leave us wanting more in a way that a strictly Soundcloud release cannot. I have no doubt "Fresh Cut Flowers" will be worth waiting for. @taylizzabeth

2. DoNormaal - "Let That Thing Go" 2015 (Prod. by Roach Carter)  SEATTLE MUSIC  Her beauty and talent shines from the inside out. DoNormaal's progression as an artist is a beautiful thing to witness. Here's hoping a new DoNormaal album is coming soon. @donormaalright 

3. The Last Artful, Dodgr - "Pestilent Intestines" 2013  PORTLAND MUSIC  Since The Last Artful, Dodgr released this low-budget gem, she's been working with the uber-interesting EYRST crew and making some big moves including being named one of the "5 Female MC's Leading The Charge" by Milk Studios. It would be in your best interest to follow @TheLastArtful on Twitter.

4. Stevo The Weirdo - "LUNCHTIME X LIKE ME REMIX" 2016  PORTLAND MUSIC  I haven't yet delved into Stevo The Weirdo's catalog but this song is dope. I get infinite inspiration from the goldmine of great music in the Pacific Northwest. @StevoTheWeirdo

5. Able Fader - "The Wind And Rain" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC Can't say enough great things about this dude. He is a true professional in everything he does (Graphic Design, DJ, Producer, Sound Engineer, Father, etc.) and a joy to work with. @AbleFader

6. Macklemore feat. XP "Brad Pitt's Cousin" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  The adventures of Macklemore and his crew are not low-budget, they still made this video on an iPhone. This song is not that tight but I love how they're showing us what we can do with the tools we already have. I'd love to work for this crew because they understand that music can be used as a tool for social change.  @Macklemore

7. DonMonique - "Kendall, Kylie, Miley" 2015  I've never followed the moves of Kendall, Kylie, or Miley but DonMonique seems coo. Here's a video about the Brooklyn artist via Noisey.  @DONMON1QUE

8. Jorja Smith - "Where Did I Go?" 2016  This UK artist further proves that one great low-budget video is all you need to capture the attention of the world. The simplicity of the video shows us that she doesn't need flashy gimmicks because her "Personal Sunlight" alone can carry the video. I've been overplaying this song since I first heard it a few days ago. @JorjaSmith

9. DoNormaal - "Standing" 2015 (Prod. by Brakebill)  SEATTLE MUSIC  She's amazing because she's being herself 100%. One of my favorite DoNormaal moments was when she performed with Nu Era at their "Armadilla Lexus" Release Party at Sunset Tavern. @donormaalright

10. Lady Leshurr - "Queen's Speech Ep. 4" 2015  I'd love to see my girl Z3LLi make videos like this. It's simple and low-budget but showcases the personality of the artists well. The rap/walk multitask is a classic music video skill...I sense a new list coming on. @LadyLeshurr

*Use what you've got! If you or one of your friends has a smartphone, you can make a music video. A YouTube presence is vital if an artist wants to be taken seriously. The only thing holding you back is yourself.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ten More Music Videos With Rotating Heads

YouTube Playlist w/ all 20 Rotating Head videos is here.

1. J Dilla feat. Nas "The Sickness" (Prod. by Madlib) 2016  "The Sickness," vocals recorded in 2001, is the bonus track on the iTunes release of J Dilla's "The Diary" album earlier this year on Nas' Mass Appeal Records.

2. K.Raydio and Psymun - "Sweet Dreamz" 2014  King Of The Category goes to Minneapolis' K.Raydio and Psymun for the most rotating head action in a video thus far.

The video reminds me of this Rolling Stones album cover.

3. Disclosure feat. Sam Smith - "Latch" 2012  This song is super played out now, but that doesn't change that this is an epic love song. I saw Sam Smith perform this song live at the Paramount in Seattle but he made it a slow jam, ew. Don't get me wrong, I love slow jams but I much prefer the original.

4. Joe Jackson - "Steppin' Out" 1982  This song still goes...hard.

5. Cyne - "Running Water" 2005  I love how many different special effects there are in this video. Cise Star of Cyne recently performed at a show I helped make happen at Barboza with Shing02, Spinmaster A-1, Marcus D, and Dex Amora. They all killed it.

6. Alessia Cara - "Here" 2015  Ballsy move to sample Portishead, but, she nailed it. The rest of her album is just meh to me. This song got her a big ol buzz, she'll be able to keep my attention if she stays weird but that may not be up to her at this point.

7. Jessie Ware - "Tough Love" 2014  Props to Jessie Ware for knowing how to be a classy pop star, she can even make a ponytail glamorous. I got to see her at an in-store performance at Sonic Boom in Ballard and later that evening at The Neptune Theater during her "Devotion" Tour in 2013.

8. FKA Twigs - "Water Me" 2013  You will lose this staring contest.

9. Glass Animals - "Cocoa Hooves" 2012  Slugs are pretty awesome as long as you don't accidentally step on them, which happens a lot in Washington. I am down with Glass Animals but their sound is almost too distinctive (almost too similar). Their "Love Lockdown" cover remains to be my favorite from their camp.

10. THEESatisfaction - "EarthEE" 2015  So glad that these ladies are Seattleites and I love that they're going to explore solo careers. Evolution and personal growth are where its at.

SassyBlack gets my vote for most inspiring social media presence (Dam Funk, Gary Vaynerchuck, and sometimes Russell Simmons are the fellow nominees). She's proving to us how hard work, a great attitude, an open mind, and having the guts to be yourself is the best way to succeed in this world. This is one of my favorite SassyBlack quotes so far.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ten Music Videos With Kissing

10 Kissing Music Videos Playlist is here.

1. Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle - "You And Me" (Flume Remix) 2014  I actually think they went a little overboard with the kissing on this one but the song is awesome. It was one of the many songs I knew I loved in the first 1 minute and 4 seconds. My intro to Disclosure was "White Noise" featuring AlunaGeorge and I've been on board ever since. For Flume, the song that caught me was "Left Alone" featuring Chet Faker.

2. Bjork - "Mutual Core" 2012   Bjork is Queen of the Keep Iceland Weird committee in the best possible way. The almost unlistenable song and creepy visuals in this single from her Biophilia album make it an all around uncomfortable video to watch. Don't get me wrong, I have loved Bjork since before I Mod Podged the Post album art on my journal in 1995; but, her new music is a little hard to digest. A+ for effort and for staying true to her inner weirdo.

3. The Weeknd - "Often" 2014  Even though all of The Weeknd songs sound the same to me, there are only 3 songs that I have overplayed as of yet. "Can't Feel My Face," "The Zone," and "The Morning." He's just meh to me in general, but I would love to see other artists work as hard as he has for a sustainable music career.

4. Shura - "Touch" 2014  Love the song but the video makes me feel like a Peeping Tom. Shura has a Shuraverse on her website that is so high tech that it doesn't load half the time. Have yet to find any other Shura songs that I like.

The final product of Talib Kweli's remix is pretty weak. It feels like a concocted label collaboration to me, but maybe Kweli simply liked the song as much as I did?

5. BADBADNOTGOOD + Ghostface Killah feat. DOOM - "Ray Gun" 2015  This is a truly epic trio of artists. Masks, robots, spaceships, subtitles, cars, fur, birds, special effects, food, lasers, cops; this video has everything. I love that Left Brain is the lead actor in this; he doesn't tip his bartenders though so he'll never be that classy.

6. Odesza feat Zyra - "Say My Name" 2014  I'm down with Odesza but I have yet to feel the urge to spend time with their music. The duo met at WWU and quickly made Bellingham, WA a new hub of the Electronic music scene. Pretty sweet trick actually.

7. Prof - "Motel" 2015  Best dimples, promo, and socks in the game. He's been working his ass off under the guise of almost constant shenanigans for over a decade. With the priceless backing of Rhymesayers, he's making a huge mark on the music community.

My former ReignCity team had the pleasure of hosting Prof's "Liability Tour" at Nectar Lounge November 17, 2015 with Nacho Picasso and Slow Dance. Here's a few of the photos I found on my phone the next day.

8. The Flavr Blue - "Hearts Racing" 2014  SEATTLE MUSIC  All three members of The Flavr Blue are pushing themselves to be the best humans they can be. Mad respect to Hollis, Parker, and Lace for their commitment to their craft and for being all around awesome people.

9.  Snakehips feat. Tinashe + Chance The Rapper - "All My Friends" 2015  We never actually see what these people are waiting in line for which is actually perfect for the song. This video for my first exposure to Snakehips would have been perfect in the short Rotating Cameras list. I've listened to this song too much but I'm coo with it.

10. Kwamie Liv - "Higher" 2015  This video documents the course of a relationship, The Cure's Wild Mood Swings album did that too. I first heard Kwamie Liv in the single "5 AM" a few years back but haven't seen her in Seattle yet.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ten More Music Videos With Skateboards

20 Skateboarding Music Videos Playlist is here.

1. Yuna feat. Usher - "Crush" 2016  This was an epic move for Yuna; Arsher's been dope since before 1997's "You Make Me Wanna." She's been killin it for awhile now but this is my favorite track from her so far. Yuna is also the only female presence in the sausage fest of a category.

2. Fashawn - "Guess Who's Back" 2015  I was blessed to be able to work with Fashawn and his team when they came to The Crocodile for "The Ecology Tour" last year. One of my favorite parts of working with musicians is meeting the teams that support them. The standout most interesting person from the tour, besides Exile who was the Super DJ for Fashawn, was his visual wizard Punit Dhesi. It is through his work that we are able to feel connected to Fashawn. This is best shown in this sixteen and a half minute Mass Appeal Documentary.

3. The Sky Division feat. Darius, Sk8God + Muzikk- "AK Kidz Get The Biz" 2012  Seattle was blessed with Sk8God's Alaskan presence for a bit. While in Seattle, his camera was always on and he was a vital part of our music community. I really love his video series collaboration, "7 Slaps In The Sack" with Carrick Wenke and Miss Casey Carter which lives on through the lens of Wiggy.

While recently on duty at his new job in LA, Kid from Kid n' Play came through and this happened.

4. Joey Bada$$ - "Daily Routine" 2013  Love that they have a Handsome Boy Modeling School sample at the beginning; Prince Paul and Dan The Automator are some of my superheroes too. I have mad respect for Joey and the Pro Era crew. Their life's journey so far is the stuff of legends.

5. Wiki, Dev Hynes, Sporting Life, Onyx Collective and Show Me The Body - "MARKET" 2016  This project is dope as hell; Blood Orange and Ratking together blows my mind. Props to the New Yorkers for this project and for staying true to themselves in their art. I am very much looking forward to the day when I first roam the streets of New York.

I found the "Market" video on the Ratking website, Letter Racer. They have a bio video embedded in their About section that is worth a look. The video captures what Ratking are all about in the most entertaining way possible. I love that shit.

6. Kaytranada - "Lite Spots" 2016  He kinda blew up the internet with this one. Kaytranada deserves all the attention he gets and I can't wait to see what he'll do next. A great music video (or dozens) is the only difference between Kaytranada and many of my favorite Seattle-based producers.

7. Cake + $alad - "New Wa$hington Order (N.WA.O)" 2014 (SEATTLE MUSIC)  Steelelakejake and Rene Vivo did a great job on this video. I'd really love to see them step their internet game up so the world can see what they're all about.

8. Step Brothers (Alchemist + Evidence) - "So Fresh" 2008  This might be my least favorite Step Brothers song but these two can do no wrong in my eyes. I have been blessed to see Dilated Peoples a few times and so far I've only seen Alchemist as DJ for Action Bronson at The Neptune Theater. I've yet to see these two share a stage and I hope that changes very soon. Their "Step Masters" video showcased their personalities so well that I've been crushing on both of them ever since.

9. Left Brain + Lije Sarki - "Belong" 2014  Lije Sarki did an incredible job on this video. I'd really love to see more of the SIFF types working with local musicians; magical things would happen. Maybe Filthy Fingers United X Cornish?

10. Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock + Rob Sonic) - "4AM" 2015  I love that Aesop Rock makes so many music videos and wish that more of my musician friends would follow in his example. This track is from Hail Mary Mallon's "Bestiary" album, formerly one of the best promoted albums ever in my opinion. The promo for Aesop Rock's latest solo album, "The Impossible Kid" was even better than Bestiary. Rhymesayers X Aesop Rock = World Domination.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ten Music Videos With Special Effects Part VI

All 60 Music Videos With Special Effects are on a YouTube playlist ready to be YouTubeN'Chilled.

1. Nao - "Fool To Love" 2016  I first discovered now via "So Good" with A.K. Paul last year and I overplayed the shit out of that song too. Nao is doing it right. This latest instantly infectious track from the East London artist has helped me to work on my car dancing over the last few days. Thanks Nao!

2. Flying Lotus - "Phantasm" 2012  I just learned from FlyLo's impressive Wikipedia page that he is an ex Stones Throw intern which has always sounded like an amazing idea to me. My Brainfeeder shirt is one of my favorites because it actually fits AND because I truly appreciate the efforts Flying Lotus has put into his label.

Flying Lotus (feat. Laura Darlington) - Phantasm from The Bow on Vimeo.

Plus, how cool is this press photo.

3. Vivians (Mndsgn + Koreatown Oddity) - "The Shaw (In The 90's)" 2015  I'm a sucker for all the 90s nostalgia videos and this one is no exception. Watch "Flip And Rewind" by Rashida Jones for another example. Mndsgn of Vivians was affiliated with Stones Throw but is now on Akashik Records, I fux with them.

4. Mick Jenkins - "P's + Q's" 2015  This is reminiscent of the Spike Jonze video for "Drop" in the best way. I do prefer "Drop" over this track but the visuals could not be better. I was seeking out a "Making The Video" type thing but found this instead. Mick Jenkins has been killin it since before I first got hip around "The Roots" in 2013.

5. ABRA - "Fruit" 2015  I'm not a huge Awful Records fan but this is fire. I've been overplaying this song since I first discovered it...too late, just a few days ago. Fortunately, it's never too late for a new favorite song.

6. bryson, the alien - "2heavy" 2016  PORTLAND MUSIC  There's so much good music in Portland, it's always worth a road trip. This was likely a pretty low-budget video (this is a rad thing) but the special effects take it to the next level. Here's his Twitter; follow him so you can see what he does next.

7. Aesop Rock - "Rings" 2016  Aesop Rock has had his game stepped up for decades. Click here to see how many YouTube videos it takes to launch an album Rhymesayers style (AKA the right way). This video is amazing and so are the efforts of Aesop Rock. You should probably buy his new album The Impossible Kid.

Here's a picture of me and him taken just after his recent show in Bellingham before I realized that I gave him poor service as a fill-in promoter rep because I was too nervous to be myself. My mom saw this photo and thought he must be my new tall and handsome boyfriend because I look so happy in this photo; I was very sad to disappoint her.

8. Massive Attack feat. Young Fathers - "Voodoo In My Blood" 2016  With all the SIFF heads in town, you'd think we'd have more videos from local artists like this. Hmmm....scheming. My sister Ingrid would say this is a "problem song."

9. Oshun feat. Proda - "Protect Your Self" 2016  Found these ladies via Team Backpack and have been watching out for them ever since. This video got them on NPR's radar, if they weren't already. Hope to see them in Seattle soon!

10. Ripley Snell feat. Grape God - "Timeless" 2013 (Prod. by Neill Von Tally) PORTLAND MUSIC  Theses two are some of the most unique and interesting people I've ever met. I recently booked a show in Portland for Grape God and Ripley Snell as Wine + Coffee, DoNormaal, OCnotes (w/ Rik Rude + Astro King Phoenix), Raven Matthews, and Snugsworth at The Know. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Fortunately, these cats are time travelers so we'll be able to relive the evening.

From upper left to right (Ripley Snell, OCnotes, Rik Rude, Skelli Skel) Bottom left to right (Northern Draw + Grape God) 
Sadly not pictured below because I was too busy living in the moment for once are DoNormaal, Raven Matthews, Astro King Phoenix, and Snugsworth.

The first five lists of Special Effects videos can be reached via the links below.

Feb 7, 2013  This list is from when I was still too shy to use my voice but the songs are great!

May 22, 2013  Part 2 includes En Vogue's Sesame Street video "Adventure." Straight fire.

November 20, 2013  I had finally learned about HTML from my former ReignCity team and could finally use YouTube properly in Part 3.

August 27, 2014  My favorite self-quote from Part 4 is "I wonder if this is what it feels like to be Thom Yorke." 

January 20, 2015  In which I use a Beavis & Butthead meme that says "Yes! Tool!" Part 5