Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ten Music Videos featuring House Parties

1. Reva DeVito and Roane Namuh - "Frozen" 2012  *Even though this came out last year, to me, it is the new hotness.

2. Common Sense - "Breaker 1, 9" 1992  *This is Common 21 years ago, he ages like wine.

3. Rhye - "The Fall" 2012  *Rhye is amazing.

4. Common - "Heat" 2000  *The guy at the beginning saying he's on the list looks a lot like Sabzi, just sayin'.

5. Leaders Of The New School - "Sobb Story" 1991  *Baby Busta, tandem bicycle, and 90's fashion choices.

6. Estelle featuring Sean Paul - "Come Over" 2008  *Estelle and Sean Paul thrown some of the classiest house parties. The version with out Sean Paul is much better, he's not even cute!

7. Ice Cube - "Friday" 1995  *No one is just chillin' at an Ice Cube party.

8. LL Cool J - "Jingling Baby" 1989  *You know it must be 1989 when LL Cool J uses a payphone.

9. Grayskul - "Face and the Fang" 2013 (SEATTLE MUSIC)  *Bloody Grayskul party.

10. House Party Movie Dance Off  1990  *I have yet to attend a house party as great as this.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Four More Mask Music Videos

1. Midnight Davis - "In The Mood For Love" 2013  *This song has many moments of greatness.

2. Earl Sweatshirt feat. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies - "Hive" 2013  *Earl Sweatshirt amazes me.

3. Kate Bush - "Running Up That Hill" 1985  *I just heard this son for the first time recently, this is some ridiculously dramatic music. The video is so dated and modern dance-y that it makes you believe that Kate Bush may be the queen of 80's chick music.

Kate Bush's iconic status makes her relevant even today, the Chromatics cover of "Running Up That Hill" can be used as evidence of this.

4. AlunaGeorge - "Best Be Believing" 2013  *These people are in dance rehab, that's some Footloose shit.