Monday, March 6, 2017

The New Hotness Vol. 4

The New Hotness YouTube playlist is updated every time I find a new favorite song.

1. Dwynell Roland - "Devils" 2016  This song is on track to go from zero to overplayed in 3-5 days. Dwynell Roland is currently on tour w/ P.O.S. (who makes a cameo in this video), Sims from Doomtree, and DJ Fundo. Their show at The Crocodile on March 2 was incredible.

2. SiR - "Queen" 2016  It can be tricky for me to overplay a song that isn't on Spotify but I powered through it via Soundcloud and YouTube and am almost sick of the song already. SiR is one of the latest signees to the TDE label.

3. 10.4 Rog - "The Hand Drawn Rhythm Machine" 2017  I can't possibly say enough good things about 10.4 Rog; a former Seattle area resident now living in Oakland. His collaboration with Tacoma, WA's Noo is on my Top Albums of 2016 list. I bought this the moment I realized it existed.

4. The Mouse Outfit feat. Truthos Mufasa + Black Josh - "Sit Back" 2013  UK HIP HOP  I found this while internet mining this Bristol New Years Eve Hip Hop show flyer. It will appear again on the site on an upcoming Weed Anthems list. Four year old songs can still be The New Hotness if they're new to me; I listened to this song on repeat recently while roaming the streets of Barcelona.

5. Falon Sierra - "Mr. Prez" 2017 (Produced by Noo)  Falon Sierra, a Home Slice veteran (I made this show flyer and curated the lineup), has been kicking some serious ass at the 2017 SoundOff at MoPop recently; no surprise there. Noo was on the same Home Slice as Falon Sierra because I have really good taste (brushes shoulder).

6. Omen feat. Donnie Trumpet - "49 Laws" 2017  This Interscope release is instant beat nasty face.

7. Radio Concuss S01E01 feat. Silas Blak, Specs Wizard, + DJ Able Fader - 2017  SEATTLE MUSIC  Rob Castro of Concuss Creations has been making shit happen in the Seattle area for a decade plus. Fun fact, I drove all three of these artists to Castro's for the filming and I appear in one of the photos on their Facebook page. They launched Radio Concuss on March 2 at Monkey Loft in Seattle. I will most definitely be keeping you posted as new Radio Concuss episodes become available.

This was the promo video for the show; I love it when people go the extra mile to do this.

8. Anderson .Paak - "The Come Down Gospel" 2017  It's beautiful to see artist's creative visions grow as they gain confidence, fans, and financial support. Even with his Malibu release being my number one album of 2016, I truly believe that he's just getting going and the best is yet to come.

9. Shark Dentures - "Bog Slump" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC I was late to the game on this one but music is forever...if we're lucky. Add it to your Soundcloud playlists here. As both of us are devoted fans of the local and worldwide Hip Hop scenes, I've had the pleasure of meeting Shark Dentures on many occasions but only just now heard his music for the first time; can't wait to see what he does next!

10.  "NEK030: retrox novela" Compilation 2016  Before I even got through the full album, I had to buy Nekubi's mix on cassette, all 40 tracks are that it comes with a 20 page booklet and some stickers. I had never heard of a single artist on this rabbit hole of good music. Goldmines like this are exactly what inspired me to start my own website/rabbit hole in 2009 and it has led me on an adventure that I never thought possible. This is only the first of the 40 mixtapes this artist has on their Bandcamp site; life is good.

I found this via my genius friend Dax AKA Diogenes's Bandcamp page; following him on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, etc. will expose you to more amazing music than you thought possible. He is the driving force behind the Filthy Fingers United crew, an incredible musician, graphic designer extraordinaire, and a truly wonderful human being (among other things). "Death & Acid" from 2015 is linked below purely because it remains to be awesome. Seattle based but worldwide, FFU releases a name your price compilation on the 20th of every month.

11. Luna God + Taylar Elizza Beth - "Managing" 2016  SEATTLE MUSIC  Luna God and Taylar Elizza Beth are two of Seattle's most promising artists; I will forever support them in their endeavors. Both artists are Home Slice veterans.

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