Tuesday, July 25, 2017

10 Black + White Music Videos Part 4

I'm teaching myself photoshop by making these screen shot photocollages so I hope no one sues me. I'm about 60 hours into the 10,000 I'll need to master it. I'll happily remove the visuals from the artist's work if they ask; only one screen shot is used from each video.

1. L'Orange + Jeremiah Jae - "Death Valley" 2015  L'Orange has been dropping hints that he may be moving to Seattle. We would really truly love that L'Orange.

As you will soon find out, this is the cut...

Listen to The Night Took Us In Like Family all the way through. You will not regret it.

2. Rhye - "Please" 2017  This song went directly to my Give Slow Jams A Chance playlist on both Spotify and YouTube; it's that good. If you've been paying as much attention as I have, you'll have noticed that Rhye always keeps it classy.

3. Angelo Mota - "Eve" ft. Topaz Jones 2017  This was a Pigeon + Planes gem; and I mean gem. It seems their tastes have gone a little commercial these days but I get it. We all gotta make a living somehow. I'm just glad they're still doing it. But really though how smooth is this and who is this magical woman who draws you into the video in the first two seconds? Eve?

4. Neill Von Tally Presents: Making The Beat Ep 1 ft. Mat Randol + Grape God 2015 PORTLAND MUSIC  Shout out to the EYRST crew once again for showing us how it's done. Daily reminder that #444 #GrapeGodDidItFirst

5.  Mizan - "Looking For" 2015  I'm still not sure exactly what I'm looking for or if I'll know it when I see it but I'll keep cruisin'. Nice to know Mizan is down to look for it with me.

6. Noo - "BNAG" 2016  TACOMA MUSIC  Noo is no stranger to my site. His work with 10.4 Rog and Muzzy Legault got my attention and I've been listening ever since. They're like an underground supersquad kicking ass in the shadows; I'll link "Without You" any chance I get. It has been removed from Soundcloud and Bandcamp for some sad reason; please prove me wrong.

7. Leon Bridges - "Coming Home" 2015  Leon Bridges is one of the classiest stars to shine their light on the music world lately. The 28 year old's timelessness will likely ensure his career will last for decades.

8. Princess Nokia - "Biohazard Butterfly" 2017  2017 is the year of Princess Nokia in my universe. She's been working her ass off and it shows. Her YouTube game is strong and I love that sh**.

9. A Tribe Called Quest - "Dis Generation" 2017  Can't say enough good things about Tribe. Joey, Earl, Kendrick, and Cole must have been stoked to be mentioned by the legend in this track. "Talk to Joey, Earl, Kendrick, and Cole, gatekeepers of flow; They are extensions of instinctual soul" - Q-Tip

10. Sims - "Badlands" 2017  Everything about More Than Ever and it's promo has been awesome. Sims' live show was on point as usual, the album is great, and the visuals have been on a whole other level. Your efforts are appreciated Sims! We can't wait to see what you do next.

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