Friday, July 28, 2017

10 Car & Driver Music Videos Part IV

I learned a ton while making this screen shot photoshop collage; like when to let go and release something even if it's not my favorite thing I've ever made. They can't all be Outer Spacecruise

1. Danger Mouse feat. Run The Jewels + Big Boi - "Chase Me" 2017  This is a rad project for this squad to get into; not many rappers get to make something as high profile as this. They've all done a great job of working their asses off to get to the point where they get the major motion picture paychecks. #tryharderitworks

2. Zack Villere ft. J'Von - "Minivan" 2017  Taking minivans on sweet jumps is pretty cool Zack, I think you've finally tapped into coolness that you had in you this whole time...or maybe it's all that time you've been spending with J'Von rubbing off on you. Just kidding. For real though, I love seeing these two work together; check out the song after the video if you want to hear more.

3. Like - "Miss Me With That" 2016  I've already severely overplayed this song and I'm okay with that. "Miss Me With That" appeared on The New Hotness Vol. 1 back in January because my passion for the song couldn't wait seven months until I found more videos with cars and/or driving.

4. Tei Shi - "How Far" 2017  If you're reading this, you're having a much better day than Tei Shi (in this video anyway). For all things Tei Shi, check out this interview with Stereogum or this live performance of the song that first caught my attention, "Bassically." Shoutout to Tei Shi for being the Queen Of The Sausage Fest that is this list.

5. Dwynell Roland - "Devils" 2016  MINNEAPOLIS MUSIC  I posted this back in March on The New Hotness Vol. 4 after geeking out (in the best way) over seeing P.O.S. hit Dwynell with his car in this video. My second favorite Dwynell Roland song is "Eva Change" produced by the tour homie Last Word in case you were wondering.

6. Rejjie Snow - "All Around The World" 2015  This video works as a "What Not Do Do With Your Convertible" ad. For example, any asshole who smokes cigarettes in a car with a kid deserves to be pulled over, even if it is a convertible. He even has the kid lipsync weed lyrics, an interesting choice Mr. Snow. Another interesting choice is having Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis' daughter, Lily Rose Depp costar in the video. All cigarette shaming and name dropping aside, this song is dope.

7. The Raconteurs - "Steady As She Goes" 2006  They must have had a blast making this video; I kinda think that might be what life is all about. Shoutout to Jack White for being Jack White. He appeared on CBS recently in a story about his label, Third Man Records if you aren't familiar with his legacy.

8. illa J - "7 Mile" 2017  I love the effects in this video; they took the visuals to a whole other level. Bandcamp recently did a feature on illa J if you're interested in learning more.

9. Metasota - "No Money, No Problem" 2017  MINNEAPOLIS MUSIC  Yes you can make a music video with your friend while driving in their car; I sincerely wish that more underground artists would do this very thing.

10. J. Cole - "Everybody Dies" 2016  May I present a video of J. Cole watching for cops while rapping on top of a moving truck; it totally worked.

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