Sunday, July 23, 2017

Street Art Universe... A YouTube Art Channel

Last December's solo trip to Europe was the first opportunity I've had to follow my own whims for three and a half weeks. I used this time to walk the streets of London, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Porto photographing and being inspired by all the art I encountered. I've been sharing these photos on Instagram, Flickr, and Reddit lately and the response has kinda blown my mind. I wanted to learn more about all things Street Art so I hit the free education website AKA YouTube and made this playlist. I'll be adding to this playlist (and all the rest) regularly so follow my YouTube channel if you feel so inspired.

YouTube is so much better than TV when used correctly; so far I've created YouTube Networks (playlists) titled Outer Space + UFO NetworkHistory Channel 2.0ArtTVNew HotnessInteresting PeopleAnimated Music Videos, and the infinite music video playlists that got me going on this whole thing. I made these playlists for myself so I only include stuff that I think is cool (see title of website).

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@theringofdoom - Intergalactic Traveler On A Mission To Shine Light On Earth's Art Scene

Here's one of my favorites...

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