Monday, July 24, 2017

13 Music Videos W/ Special Effects Part VIII

I made this using only screen shots from the videos on the list and photoshop. Please don't sue me, I'm one of those broke artist types and have made $0 from this website. I'll happily remove the art from your video if you don't want to be included. 

1. Chromatics - "Shadow" 2017  PORTLAND MUSIC  While Chromatics may hail from Portland, they've done a great job of making sure that their art goes global. I'm sure you'll agree that Ruth Radelet has those spaceship eyes (see above).

2. Ivan Ave - "Circle" 2016 (Produced by Mndsgn)  I fuck with triangles, rectangles, hectagons, AND circles but Ivan Ave has shaped up his own opinion. >>> "I don't really fuck with triangles no more, I don't really fuck with rectangles either, I don't fuck with hectagons even. I'm done tryna work the angles, it's enough just working the circle." That said, I definitely fuck with this song.

3. Everything Is Recorded feat. Sampha - "Close But Not Quite" 2017  The art is this video really does it for me. Anyone else feel like Everything Is Recorded popped out of nowhere? Thank you to XL Recordings for showing us so much great music over the years. Sampha really fux with the special effects, see below. I get it, me too.

4. The Chemical Brothers feat. Beck - "Wide Open" 2016  Young Jedi, if you master special effects at a low budget, you'll be able to do cool shit like this later.

5. Homeboy Sandman - "Bamboo" 2017  The creative team behind this video nailed it. Sending virtual good jobs out to Schlonglord (lol), The Lurk, and Robert Adam Mayer.

6. James Blake feat. Bon Iver - "I Need A Forest Fire" 2016  Now is actually a great time to need a forest fire...

The Colour In Anything is a magical album for when you need to create a chill zone.

7. TOKiMONSTA feat. Yuna - "Don't Call Me" 2017  It kinda seems like these two are way more into circles than Ivan Ave who made a whole song about it. He actually used more ovals than circles; these two are legit circle fans. Ivan Ave may be a poser in the circle loving world. I write shit like that so that when I read this later, I'll laugh out loud.

8. Beth Ditto - "Fire" 2017  My favorite parts of this video are when she uses the whip to steal that guys corn dog and that one of the guys keeps his brass knuckles down his pants. Beth Ditto (also of The Gossip) was born to be a superstar.

9. Young Fathers - "I Heard" 2013  I'd never really listed to anything from the Anticon crew before but was prompted to check it out after serving Doseone at The Crocodile one night. The mirror effects in this video totally wicked and affordable for those who are thinking about progressing past their status as Soundcloud rapper (you may not know who you are).

10. La Luz - "You Disappear" 2015  SEATTLE MUSIC  There is a lot to love about La Luz; watch and find out for yourself.

11. Bjork - "notget" 2017  Bjork has been an inspiration to artists spanning all genres for decades but stays eternally young due to her deep seeded wonderful weirdness.

This is one of the best photos I've ever seen.

12. Sampha - "Blood On Me" 2016  You know you're winning at life when you get to drop a car from a tree in your music video. His latest album, Process, is waiting for you on your favorite music platform when you're ready.

13. Busta Rhymes + Janet Jackson - "What's It Gonna Be?!" 1998  This may be one of the most 90s videos ever. Busta as a silver band conductor for the win.

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